People Who Figured Out How To Make Life Easy

Every day we go to work, go home, make dinner, and repeat. It seems like this would be a pretty simple schedule to follow, but for some people, they decided that life could be made even easier by adopting a few simple tricks. Why bother getting up to answer the door when you could simply use a piece of twine to pull the door open? If you have ever wondered how you could make your life just a tad easier, then these hacks are for you. Keep scrolling to see how these people got creative and made their lives as simple as possible.

Stinky Clothes

Some laundry machines see a lot of dirty clothes, and these clothes are often covered in a lot of smelly substances. Anyone who has children knows that clothing needs to be washed as soon as a baby spits upon it, or if a toddler has an accident.

After a while, some washing machines begin to develop a rather unpleasant odor, that not even the most floral fabric softener can hide. To combat the smell, all you need to do is combine a cup of baking soda, vinegar, some water and run the wash cycle with nothing inside the washing machine.

Tomato Juice

If bananas are not the fruit you want to put on your face, then tomatoes can also be used. They contain nutrients and vitamins like B6 and vitamin K that will also keep your skin looking and feeling fresh.

If you pick up some ripe tomatoes at your local grocery store, or for the more organically minded grow your own then you are all set for this beauty hack. Simply slice the tomato in half and rub both halves all over your face. The tomato juice will seep into your pores, and make it feel smooth once it dries. You will want to be careful not to get any in your eyes, though!

Stay Vibrant

A lot of clothing, especially brightly colored ones, and black ones will begin to fade over time. As they are washed over and over, blacks will begin to look dull, and bright reds may start to look pinker.

That is because soap is building upon them, and once the soap residue is eliminated, the clothing can go back to its original vibrant shades. To get rid of the soap, all that is needed is a spoonful of black pepper mixed in with a load of laundry. Sometimes clothes need to be exfoliated just like skin, and the pepper will strip the soap off of them.

One Stop Shop

For anyone who knows the struggle of having to carry groceries in from the car, then this will be a major time-saving hack. Plastic laundry hampers are the perfect size to fit inside the trunk of a vehicle unless you happen to own a fancy sports car that does not have a trunk.

All of the bagged groceries can be placed within the laundry hampers, which means you will only need to make one or two trips from your car to your house after doing a big grocery shop. This will save you the struggle of having to hang multiple carrier bags from each of your arms.

DIY Razor

Razors are one of those personal grooming items most men and women own. However, the razor blades themselves tend to be on the expensive side. This person realized that the handle of their razor was broken, but they still needed to use the fresh razor blade.

That is where some handy pliers came in. They work just as well as your run of the mill razor blade handle, and the best part is that they are free.

Color Coded

Most people have multiple keys on their keychains. There is the house key, office key, car key, and the list goes on. Keeping them all separate is tough, as a lot of the time, they look the same. To avoid getting different keys confused, nail polish can be used to paint the top half of the key.

As long as you remember what each color means, you should not have a problem remembering which key is for which lock.

The Condiment Lazy Susan

Refrigerators, like junk drawers, can end up with a lot of random things inside of them. A lot of people like to collect condiments. You never know when you will need that one very spicy hot sauce, or that special garlic aioli.

To avoid forgetting about all of the condiments in the fridge, and purchasing new ones, you can install a lazy susan. Then, all of the condiments can be placed on it, and when you feel you need a certain one, just spin it until you find the one you need.

Make Your Own Laptop Stand

For those people that like to sit in bed with their laptops and watch movies, a laptop stand is a necessity. Laptop stands are one of those items that a lot of people don’t like to spend money on. That is where an empty egg carton comes in.

Most grocery stores will give these away at the end of the day, or if you want to, you can eat all of the eggs yourself. Eating the eggs might be a more time-consuming route to take for this hack.

Daily WiFi Update

A lot of parents expect their children to do chores. Some of these chores are simple things like emptying the dishwasher or doing laundry, but a lot of children don’t want to do them.

This enterprising parent realized they could get their kids to do all of their chores if they withheld a crucial piece of information: the WiFi password. In the digital age, not having access to social media can be pretty upsetting. We bet these kids did all of their chores.

Oil Spatter

Don’t you just hate it when you are frying your favorite food and the oil splatters and burns your hands? Not only is oil spatter annoying, but it can also be pretty dangerous.

So, instead of suffering in silence why not try this genius idea. All you need is a clean, large soda bottle with the bottom cut out and the lid removed. NOw you can fry bacon or your other favorite foods without burning your hands.

A Yummy Distraction

While some dogs enjoy the occasional bath, others can be quite difficult come bath time. There is nothing worse than having your wet pooch running lose around the house after escaping the bath. Trust us, the clean up can be a nightmare.

Instead, try distracting your pooch with some yummy peanut butter that will keep them busy long enough for you to give them a good clean. Just add a tablespoon on a nearby bathroom tile and let your loving doggy lick away while you give them a clean.

Pizza Time

Microwaved leftover pizza is not something most of us look forward to. If you don’t have access to an oven then you can always just heat up your leftover pizza on a hot iron.

Just make sure to clean the iron after ‘cooking’. Or better yet, use some wax paper to keep your iron from picking up grease. This hack is awesome for those of us living in dorm rooms or tiny apartments with no oven.


If you have an old pair of crutches just laying around you can easily turn them into a stylish bookshelf with this easy hack. All you need are some precut boards and some screws and your old crutches will be transformed into a useful bookshelf.

Not only is this a fun weekend project but its also a unique and trendy design that can spruce up your living space. This is sure to have you wondering what else you can repurpose around the house.

The Old Switcheroo

It’s no secret that kids can be especially crafty when they want to and this trait is evident when it comes to giving your kids medicine. So save yourself the hassle and try this nifty trick the next time you have to convince your toddler to take their medicine.

Simply hide the medicine in a juice box and by the time they realize that something is not quite right, it will all be over. They might be a little suspicious the next time they get a juice box from you but this soon shall pass.

Left and Right

If you can never tell which headphone is left and which is right then find comfort in the fact that you are not alone. Many of us routinely confuse the two and with this simple trick, you can avoid it completely.

But placing different colored foam or silicon caps over your headphones you will be able to identify which is which. Alternatively, you can try tying a knot at the base of one of the headphones or use some colored nail polish to help you figure it out.

Cinnamon Waffles in a Jiffy

Whether you find you never have enough time to cook in the morning or if you just really love waffles then why not try some super easy cinnamon roll waffles.

Cinnamon Waffles in a Jiffy


This super easy hack allows you to make delicious waffles in minutes and all you need it a cinnamon roll tube and a waffle iron. If you like this hack then why not experiment with some of the other types of tubes you can find in your local store. You never know, your creation could be super delish!

Easy Access

Plastic shopping bags can be useful things to keep in the house, but the trouble is once they have been used they are a nightmare to store. Yes, you could buy a special dispenser that allows you to easily store them, but who has the money for that.

Easy Access

Instead, save yourself time and money and just store them in an empty tissue box. It is super easy to pack and this way you can keep some in your truck, office and at home without it taking up too much space.

Toeing The Line

Eating in the living room can be a tricky business. There is always the possibility that a spill will occur, and this mom did not want to take any chances. She instituted a rule in which her son could not have any food in the living room.

He listened to what his mom said, and he followed the rule, but he definitely found a loophole. He understands borders very well, and we’re sure that in the future, this will help him out when it comes to geography class.