New Years Resolutions? Try Habit Tracking

New Year’s resolutions usually go down the lines of, save money, lose weight, find love, join the gym, drink less alcohol and so on, and although some manage to stick with this the whole year, most tend to go back to their old ways within a month or so. Gym memberships surge in January and there are plenty of people about to participate in “Dry January” but is there a better option to keep us on track?

Rather than completely cutting yourself off from the things you enjoy or forcing yourself to do the things you don’t, why not get into a new routine of healthier habits in 2020. Statistics show that one-third of people end up abandoning their new year’s resolution by the time February comes along, so why not try Habit Tracking?

So, what is it?

Habit tracking is a way of noting down all of those tiny things you do each day, that you’ve never really played close attention to. By tuning into your everyday life more precisely, you will be able to set small goals for yourself that you are more likely to be able to stick to. Swapping some of your ‘habit’ time to make room for a new resolution can really work. Take for example, if your aim is to begin meditating for 30 minutes every day. Sounds great right? But is it really achievable? What about that habit of spending 10 minutes scrolling on your phone? By incorporating habit tracking, you can swap one for the other, meaning it will be much easier to maintain.

New Years Resolutions? Try Habit Tracking

How to do it?

Spend a few days monitoring all of your usual habits and write them down, noting the time and place you do them. Once you have this information, write down your resolutions and break them down into easier time formats. Looking at your current habits, replace them with your resolutions, a few minutes here, there and everywhere will make a big difference. A great way to help is by setting reminders on your phone, this way, instead of idly doing something, you can be proactive about making the changes you want too.

And remember, don’t worry if you end up forgetting something, don’t be discouraged, every little progress is exactly that, progress so keep on going!