Dads Who Take The Concept Of Dad Jokes To A Whole Other Level

Dads Who Take The Concept Of Dad Jokes To A Whole Other Level

Let’s be honest, we all cringe when we hear dad jokes, but secretly admire their commitment to making people laugh at every opportunity. It doesn’t matter where they’re from, dads from everywhere are determined to make unnecessary puns or just to embarrass their kids for no apparent reason. Check out some of the funniest dad jokes captured by these dads’ family members.

Driving Kitty

Dads these days are super tech-savvy, especially when it comes to taking the best selfies. So this dad took advantage of his great selfie skills to snap a photo of his new kitten.

But he wanted to do it creatively, so he pretended to let the kitten drive the car home, and took a photo exactly at the moment he grabbed the wheel. Right after, he shared the photo with his family group, saying that he let the kitten drive home that day, hoping to give them a good laugh.

Fashion Statement

Being the father of 3 preteen girls, this jolly dad expected to have his hands full. Luckily, he developed his own unique parenting style to help him cope with all the demands his daughters made.

When his daughters insisted on wearing short shorts to school because they ‘looked super cute’, he had to think on his toes to keep his little girls from growing up too quickly. So he grabbed an old pair of jeans and some scissors and decided to make a fashion statement. While this may have worked this time, we aren’t sure this same tactic will work once bikini season rolls around.

The Highlighter Dad

There is something very commendable about a person embracing the jokes others make of them, making the best out of it. When this dad kept getting comments and jokes about his neon running outfit, he thought the solution for it would be to become a highlighter himself simply.

So with the help of his kids, he cut a BIC sign that would be perfectly visible and glued it to his favorite neon outfit. When people saw it, no one could deny that his hilarious comeback was one of the best comebacks they had ever seen. No one ever made fun of him again after the event.

Inception Deja Vu

For those of us who have watched Inception, there is something authentic about this picture. You know, something about dreaming about being in a dream while actually being awake? Yikes. And even though this dad pulled a dad joke, we have to say that it’s one of the coolest “inception dad jokes” ever.

When his granddaughter’s boyfriend posted the picture online, he explained the whole story behind the cool photo. Apparently, his girlfriend’s grandfather took a photo next to a photo of his grandfather, who was looking at a painting of his own grandfather. Of course, the photo became instantly popular, being shared many times after he shared it on his social media page.

Fake Fairies

Kids love fantasy while growing up, and seeing real-life fairies is the dream of many. In typical dad mode, this dad decided to pull a malicious prank on his kids. He literally took two bottles of the washing-up liquid “Fairy” and hid them somewhere amongst the trees.

He then told his kids that there were beautiful fairies across the yard. The children went running, hoping that that would be the day they would finally see real fairies. But then they saw the bottles, understood the joke, and didn’t speak to their dad for hours. Some dad jokes are just cruel.

Selfie Twins

In this modern age of connectivity, it can be overwhelming to keep your children safe from online dangers. That’s why when this dad saw his daughter’s suggestive selfies online, he was willing to do anything to convince her that doing so as dangerous.

After all, anyone could easily see the pictures she was posting. Knowing his daughter, he knew that she wouldn’t listen to him if he asked her to stop. So instead he deiced to create his own account and started posting recreations of the selfies she was posting. She was so embarrassed that she started posting less provocative pictures immediately.

Hanging with the girls

This dad decided to troll his daughter with hilarious results. It all started when she was too sick to go out to the mall with her friends. By coincidence, her father ran into her friends at a local restaurant and made sure to take this pic.

He then sent the picture to his daughter with a cheeky caption. Of course, as soon as she shared the image online it went viral and soon her dad was an internet sensation. Now she makes sure to always keep her plans, no matter how sick she may feel.

Dad of the Year

This proud dad always made sure to attend every practice his daughter had and when her team had a game he was always happy to show up. But one day his daughter asked him not to come because it was too embarrassing for her.

So instead this dad decided that he would continue to attend, but from now on he would go out of his way to embarrass her. He once showed up to her semi-final game wearing a grass skirt and a coconut bra.