Cool Toys From The Last Few Decades That Are Now Worth A Fortune


Cool Toys From The Last Few Decades That Are Now Worth A Fortune

Every year new toys are released from various companies from around the world. There has also been a major movement to online games that can are played on tablets or smartphones. This means that a lot of action figures, games, and toys from the last five decades are now considered to be collector’s items and are worth a lot of money. These toys are rare and hard to come by, which means if you do find one in a used store or a yard sale, you will definitely want to buy it before someone else does. Keep scrolling to see some of the most valuable old toys in the world.


In the 1990s, the Japanese made Tamagotchis were all the rage. Every child had to have one, and most teachers and parents had to put up with them.




These digital pocket pets needed almost constant care and looking after. They had to be fed, brought to the vet when they were sick, and all of the other activities required by a normal pet. If you manage to find one of these in the original packaging, it can be auctioned off for around $3,000.

Cabbage Patch Dolls

Children loved the original Cabbage Patch Dolls. They could be dressed in all sorts of different outfits and have their yarn hair styled in a variety of different ways. Kids loved to bring them to the park with them and go to sleep with them at night.

While they were first released in the late 1970s, they rose to popularity throughout the 1980s and the early 1990s. They can still be found, but there was a specific one known as the James Dudley that was released in 1985 that is the true collector’s item. If you come across one of these, it is worth about $3,000 as well.


The German-designed Playmobil toys continue to be very popular today. This line of toys included a wide range of different characters, including fairies, ambulance drivers, and pretty much any other character that a child or an adult could dream up.

The original Playmobil was not as fancy, and detailed as the sets now, and this is what makes them special. The simplicity of the Playmobil characters are what collectors are looking to purchase. Besides the dolls themselves, collectors also search for the various complimentary toys like the buildings and animals. One of the original series Playmobil that is still in its original packaging is worth upwards of $2,000 if auctioned on a site like eBay.

Indiana Jones Figurines

The Indiana Jones franchise starring Harrison Ford had three films that featured him as the enterprising treasure hunter/ archeologist. His time in the film Raiders of the Lost Ark saw him become so popular as the titular character, that action figures of him and the Ark were created.

These action figures and the Ark itself have become major collector items for people who still love the films. The original action figures were also sold with a replica golden Ark and some mummies for added authenticity. It is now worth around $2,000 on the open market.

Polly Pockets

Polly Pockets appear to be making a comeback. These small toys, as the name says, were small enough to fit in your pocket and were a whole lot of fun.

The tiny dolls could be placed within fantastical worlds, like under the sea, and around the world. Nowadays, these toys show up in garage sales more often than not and can be easily purchased for a few dollars. If they are in good condition, some collectors will buy the harder to find ones for around $500.

Cereal Boxes

Cereal boxes today are pretty standard. They have the characters associated with each brand like Count Chocula, but the pictures are not as unique as they used to be.

In the 1960s and 1970s, cereal boxes often featured simple graphic designs, which have made them collector’s items today. Some people like to buy old cereal boxes and frame them on their walls to give them a glimpse of the past. Some of these are worth a whopping $1,500.

Nintendo Game Boys

Before the Playstation and the X-Box, there was the Game Boy. When this handheld black and white gaming device came out, with revolutionary games like Pokemon, every child wanted to get their hands on one.

Now, our smartphones can support basically all of the games we could want to play, but Game Boys still hold a special place in nostalgic peoples’ hearts. The first game, which hit the market in 1985, is now worth around $1,500.

Sega Genesis

One of the earlier gaming consoles that could be attached to your television was the Sega Genesis. It supported games like Sonic the Hedgehog and gave children hours of entertainment.


The console itself is now worth a fair chunk of change. Most people will not actually use the console for gaming, but they do like to keep it as a reminder of how far gaming technology has come. Each one is worth about $2,000 now.

My Little Pony

Little girls and boys around the world loved these colorful pony dolls. Each one had a unique smell associated with it, cute decals on their rumps, and rainbow-colored hair that could be braided.

Every year new ponies were released, and everyone wanted to have a giant rainbow herd of them. Now, My Little Pony dolls are hard to find, and if you can pick one up in their original boxes, you can sell them for just under a thousand dollars.

Nintendo 64 Games

Nintendo has been revolutionary within the gaming industry. Their games and consoles continue to astound gamers around the world, and when the Nintendo 64 and its games began to hit the market, gamers rejoiced.

This game console may not be the console of choice now, but the games are still prized. If you can find Donkey Kong and some of the Mario games, then you can auction them off for around $750 apiece.

Super Soakers

When summer rolls around, and the temperatures begin to rise, everyone likes to cool off with water fights. Water guns and water balloons are the items of choice for these events, and when Super Soakers hit the stores, kids and adults were thrilled to buy these and begin squirting each other with water.

They were the only water guns that packed some power behind them, and if you can get one of the first models, they are worth about $500. You may find that you want to hold on to them and use them rather than collect them, as they are a lot of fun.


Before children had iPads and other tablet devices, they had to be content with toys like the View-Master. This toy, which looks like orange binoculars, allowed children and adults to insert slides that gave them a view of different cities and activities around the world.

They first came out in 1939 and continued to be popular for decades after that. Now they are hard to find, as are the slides. That’s why they are worth about $430.

The First iPod

It is undeniable that Steve Jobs upped the technology game and the music industry when he released the first iPod in 2001. Nobody had ever seen a device that could store music, shuffle it, and play it in the manner that the iPod does.

While iPods are still popular today, today’s iPod Touch is far more than just a music player. Unfortunately, this makes them far more expensive than they once were. The original iPod can be bought for about $400, which is not too expensive.

The Spice Girls

The British band, the Spice Girls, created pop music that defined a generation of teenagers in the 1990s. Their songs, like Wannabe, could be heard on every radio station, and every teen knew all of the lyrics.

There were a series of Barbie-like dolls that were released at the height of their fame. These dolls are now worth a couple of hundred dollars each, as they are no longer mass-produced. The true fans will want to own the whole set.

Dear Diary

Many people keep journals and diaries, but in a paper format. It is cathartic to write down all of your feelings and emotions. In the 1990s, Dear Diary, a pink electronic diary was released for children.


It allowed them to electronically record their thoughts, almost like a precursor to online blogs. The entries could only be read if the person had the code to the machine, which gave children a sense of security. These devices can be found for $200 now.

Nerf Balls

Nerf came out with Nerf guns, but they also came out with a football type ball called the Nerf Turbo Screamer. When the ball was thrown just right, it would spin through the air and whistle as it did it.


Every child wanted one, but learning how to spin it just right was not the easiest of tricks. Many frustrating moments were spent learning how to throw them. Now, these balls are not sold in stores, and if you find one, they are worth about a hundred dollars.

Sky Dancers

When the Sky Dancers first came out, children were thrilled at the prospect of being able to launch these fairy-like creatures into the sky at top speed. These toys were a lot of fun, but also incredibly dangerous.


Kids would fire them at each other, and they were fast enough that they could poke an eye out if they were aimed wrong. Over the years, the toys were taken off the market as there were too many injuries.

Lite Brites

In the 1990s, the Lite Brite was released, and it quickly became one of the must-have toys for children who liked to create pretty pictures that lit up.

Kids could choose pins of various colors to poke into the backlit screen, which could be used to create colorful words and pictures. The Lite Brite can still be found in stores today, but of course, the original Lite Brite is the item true collectors want. They are worth almost $200 now.

The Talkboy

If there is one thing kids love, it is the ability to tape themselves. Most kids will record themselves with their smartphones now, but before that, technology was widely available, the Talkboy was used.

Home Alone 2 starring a very young Macaulay Culkin had one of these, which made all children ask for one for Christmas that year. Children were able to record their voices and play the recordings back to themselves with these devices. They’re worth about $130 now.