World War Two Plane And Crew That Disappeared in the Sahara Desert Is Finally Found

World War Two Plane That Disappeared in the Sahara Desert Is Finally Found

World War II was a war that spanned continents, which meant that remnants can still be found in far-flung corners of the globe today. We have all seen movies, television shows, and even photographs of this time, or dramatizations of it. When a real live artifact is found, though, the world always wants to know the story behind it. Who were the men and women involved, and what happened that caused this plane to disappear? For scientists, a lost aircraft has been puzzling them for a long time. Nobody could figure out what had happened to the famed crew of this missing plane until a recent discovery was made.

Invading Italy

It began in 1943 when Allied forces started making their way into Italy. The Allied forces had been fighting a bitter battle across Europe, when it was decided that if Italy could be successfully won, then the war might actually begin to go in their favor.

The United States of America’s military had joined the war effort by this point, and with their help, it was believed that Italy could be won. Every soldier, pilot, and seaman knew the risks involved in a push like this, but they were ready to do this in the names of their countries.