Top Tips To Staying On Track This Christmas

Top Tips To Staying On Track This Christmas

Yes Christmas might just be the most wonderful time of the year, it’s also often the most indulgent and, let’s face it, exhausting period in the winter calendar.

Whether you’re heading home for the festive season, hitting the slopes with a loved one, or planning to hit the town with friends to welcome in the New Year, December is full of temptations that can easily make even the most avid gym bunny and healthy eater fall off the wagon.

But not to fear, we have healthy hacks to help you stay on track this festive season.

Drink Lots Of Water

Water is so important for staying healthy. It detoxes, it eliminates waste and helps to keep your skin glowing. It will also keep you full, so glug down a glass before a big meal and you will definitely eat less. Also drink a lot after to cleanse the alcohol and other sweet things.

Go For Wintery Walks

With all the entertaining you are doing this weekend coming up we understand it is hard to get to the gym. So try to go on festive walks with friends after eating, wrap up warm and get into the spirit with a lovely walk in nature. Reward yourself after with a healthy hot chocolate.

Top Tips To Staying On Track This Christmas

Don’t Restrict After Indulging

Make sure you still eat the day after your big feast. Add lots of veggies and proteins to your meals, but do not skip a day of eating as this will make you more likely to binge after.

Drink Sensibly

When out on the town, opt for low calorie drinks over sugary cocktails, such as vodka with soda and a dash of lime, or gin and a slim line tonic. Avoid the wine if you can.