Simple Christmas Decorating Hacks

Christmas is the season of gift-giving, family gatherings, and fabulous parties. It’s also the season of festive holiday decorations and beautifully decorated Christmas trees. This festive season, step up your decorating game with these awesome decorating hacks that will have your home looking great in no time.

Recycle those Halloween pumpkins
With Halloween over you can recycle those Halloween pumpkins and transform them into magical Christmas snowmen. All you need is some red ribbon and black and white paint and your Halloween pumpkin will be ready for its makeover.

Sort your pumpkins according to size and paint the larger ones white and the smallest one black. Then stack them like you would a snowman and you will be ready to decorate your new pumpkin snowman. This hack is great if you live somewhere too hot for traditional snowmen.

Green tinsel is your friend
You may notice that your tree has areas that look a little bare and need some extra greenery to fill those ‘bald spots’.This can happen with real tress as well as plastic trees, especially plastic trees that are of lower quality. But instead of replacing your balding tree with a new one, you can always make your tree look fuller by wrapping it with some green tinsel. This tinsel filler is a great way to bulk up a tree, just make sure to wrap it around the inner branches to get the desired effect.

Get some command hooks

By using command hooks you will be able to use any decoration in no time. Instead of making holes in your walls and wood surfaces, simply hang a command hook and then easily remove it when you are done.

This way your Christmas decorations don’t need to have any long term effects on your home.

Class up your lights
If you are tired of the tacky green of your Christmas lights you can glam them up by removing the bulbs and spraying them gold.

This way you lights will stand out and look more expensive. This simple hack will have your house looking super glam.