Remarkable Benefits Of Planned Napping

For many of us, the concept of planned napping seems like a pretty far fetched idea in this face-paced world, but afternoon naps are not just for children, the rich and the infirm. Despite our busy lifestyles, anyone can reap the benefits of a well deserved afternoon nap. In fact, in an age where the majority of adults are sleep deprived, napping in the afternoon is more important than ever for our well being. With short naps being a great way to compensate for inadequate sleep, here are some important advantages of making napping part of your daily routine.

It is better than coffee
That’s right people, no amount of pure caffeine can beat a short nap. This is because taking a short nap allows us to get some much-needed REM sleep, a deep sleep that basically allows your brain to take a time out. This improved your memory, motor skills, learning skills, and creativity. Unlike REM sleep, caffeine only temporarily increases alertness and does nothing to allow your brain to refresh. While you may feel a little groggy after a nap, you can always have a cup of coffee after your nap and get the best of both worlds.

It lowers your blood pressure
We all know that taking a nap is only possible when you are relaxed. And it is this relaxation that helps your body lower your blood pressure. The more relaxed you are, the lower your blood pressure and the less work your heart has to do to keep up with the fast pace.

So by making a habit of taking an afternoon nap, you are able to keep your heart healthy and lower your chances of coronary mortality.

He gives you a brain boost
Well, this may seem pretty self-explanatory, but taking a quick nap can do wonders for your memory and creativity.


Remarkable Benefits Of Planned Napping

Whether it is a 10-minute nap or a 30-minute nap, this brief respite from the tasks of the day gives your brains some much needed time to refresh and become fighting fit again. A more refreshed brain is a smarter brain, it is really a no brainer!