Photos That Show How Crazily Big Some Things Really Are in Real Life

If you have ever seen the movie Jurassic Park, then chances are you remember the scene where actor Jeff Goldblum looks in the side mirror of the Jeep and reads, “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.” This is a perfect example of how some things that look small are actually much bigger in reality. It is hard to determine the size of something without comparing it to something else. That is what allows us as humans to determine how big or how small something is. Keep scrolling to see some of the wondrous things that are much bigger in real life, especially when compared to something like a hand or a human.

A Whale of a time

We may not realize this because they are so seldom seen in full, but humpback whales are massive beasts! Here you can see how large they are compared to this 6-foot tall diver.

Imagine how scared that diver must have been swimming next to the mammoth whale. One false move and he could have been whale food in no time. Because our oceans are so unexplored we don’t know what is really down there and there could be many creatures even bigger than this one.