These Funny and Strange Things Can Only Be Found in Japan

These Funny and Strange Things Can Be Found Happening in Japan

Japan is a modern-day marvel filled with amazing technology and innovation but also a fun and childlike atmosphere. The Japanese have a love of anime and manga that is so strong it influences every part of their daily life. While this lighter side of Japanese life can be seen everywhere, these friendly people still love order and high-tech living and its this marriage of modern and cute that makes Japan an amazing place to visit. Here are some of the most amazing things that you can only see and experience in Japan.

Mascot Fun

Many cities all over Japan have created their own city mascots and these cute little guys are almost like the brand for each city. The mascots are normally anime/kawaii creations of certain animals and they often have bright colors and cute faces.

The city’s population is incredibly proud of its mascots and becoming a mascot is a very high honor. You can see images of a city’s mascot everywhere, from buildings to city bullet trains and very often you can spot a mascot wandering around the city, spread joy, posing for pics and riding the bullet train.