How To Naturally Reduce Hooded Eyelids

When we age, the elasticity in the skin around our eyes may weaken and result in puffiness around the eyes or even hooded eyelids. While this is a completely natural part of aging, it may not be something people want to deal with. Before you start researching plastic surgeons to help with this problem, there are quite a few natural remedies that can help give your eyes an added boost. If you are looking for a natural treatment with zero side effects, here are some of the things you can do.

Change your diet.
What we put into our bodies has a direct effect on the health of our skin. If hooded eyelids are getting you down you may want to cut back on your salt intake and increase the amount of water you drink. This can reduce puffiness around your eyes as well as bloating in your face. Cutting back on alcohol and caffeine intake can also have a great effect. You can also increase your intake of vitamin B12 as this helps keep skin healthy and tight.

Go old school with some cucumber slices over the eyes.

Cucumber juice is great for treating hooded eyelids because of its soothing and tightening effects. If it is cool it can also help any inflammation around the eyes. Simply slice some cucumber and place the slices over your eyelids or apply some cucumber juice to the area around the eyes with a cotton pad. This may have been something you saw in old movies but it also really works.

Use teabags
Another old school trick is to place a chilled, wet teabag over your eyes for a few minutes. The best tea to use for this is chamomile or rooibos tea because of the teas active anti-inflammatory and antiaging properties can do you a world of good.

Simply dip the tea bags in some hot water and then chill them in the fridge before applying. If the idea of a teabag on your face is too old school then apply the tea to a cotton pad and apply that to your skin.