Nail Polish Hacks

Nail Polish Hacks

Nowadays painting your nails has become an art form as new designs and ideas have become popular. While gel nails may be all the rage, many of us still prefer to paint our nails instead. If decorating your nails is your passion, then see our list a useful nail polish hacks to find out what useful tricks you can use to get the most out of your nail polish.

Whiten dark nails
Usually, you should give your nails a break after wearing color for a long time. This gives them a chance to refresh and brighten back up. However, if you have been wearing your favorite color for far too long you might find that when you remove your nail polish, your nails have become dull and discolored. Well, with a quick soak in some lemon juice and a brush with some toothpaste or bicarbonate soda your nails should whiten and return to there healthy shade.

Dry wet nails fast
We are sure every girl has been in a situation where she cannot wait for her nails to dry on their own. So instead of fanning hysterically, simply run your nails under a cold water tap. We don’t know how but this really does help your nails dry faster. So next time you are in a rush why not give it a try.

Clean up after painting
If you cant afford peel off nail protector then there is no need to panic. Once your nails are completely dry then simply take a cotton bud that has been dipped in some nail varnish remover and clean up the sides around the nail.

This way you should be able to get all those spots where you have overpainted. If you are in a pinch and don’t have any polish remover then you can also use perfume