Man Attempts Life Hack’s That He Finds in a Book from the 1950s

Man Attempts Life Hack’s That He Finds in a Book from the 1950s

The do-it-yourself movement has become all the rage over the decades. With online tutorials for almost anything, we can all teach ourselves how to make furniture, reuse old bottles in new ways, and anything else you can think of. For one man, he found a special DIY book from the 1950s that detailed 1001 How-To Ideas. What happened next would show the world how relevant or irrelevant some of these hacks are. Keep scrolling to see how he showed the world just how ahead of the time, some of these 1950s hacks were. We bet you might just end up using a few of these yourself.

The Household Hacker

A lot of people have online channels now, where they show how to do hair, apply makeup, review online shopping sites, and for this person, try out household hacks. Known as the Household Hacker, this YouTuber decided to do some digging to find some unique hacks.

They knew that they would have to scour some different stores, garage sales, and any other places that might have old books to find some truly unique hacks that had not shown up on online yet.

A Little Bit Creepy

The Household Hacker began detailing their journey to find a classic tome of household hacks. They had access to their grandparents’ attics and basements, which were basically treasure troves of forgotten books. As they opened up boxes and looked at bookshelves, they finally landed on the book they were looking for. It is called 1,001 How-to Ideas. For this YouTuber, they knew they had just unearthed gold.

This book held all of the hacks they would ever need for the next three years of their YouTube show. Now, all they needed to do is choose a couple and get started.

Spy Tactics

If you have ever watched a spy drama, then you probably know how important it is to be able to open and close an envelope. Messages are often contained in these, and any good spy knows how to open and close one effectively.

To do this, you need the envelope, a damp cloth, and an iron. Place the envelope face down on the damp cloth, and slowly iron over the sealed part. The adhesive will release, and you will be able to lift up the lid. Now, all you need to do is read the message, and reseal the envelope before anyone is the wiser.