How To Keep Your Christmas Tree Green And Healthy This December

While some people believe having a live tree over the Christmas season is a more authentic way to celebrate the holidays, having a live tree can be a lot of work. However, with these simple tips keeping your tree alive and healthy all season has never been easier.

Start with a healthy tree
If you start with a dying tree, nothing you can do will be able to save it. So the best thing to do if you want your tree to last is to make sure the tree you pick is healthy. In order to make sure you make the right pick, gently pull on the needles as you run your hand along the branch. If you are able to pull away lots of needles then consider the tree past its sell-by date. Check the needles themselves, they should be soft, springy and flexible. If they break or crack when you bend them then the tree is no good.

Keep the trunk clear of sap
In order for the tree to feed itself and live, water needs to flow up the trunk and feed the leaves. Sadly when sap plugs the trunk the tree won’t be able to take up any water so it’s important you make sure the end of the trunk isn’t plugged with sap.

The best way to do this is to cut off about 2 inched of the trunk when you get home. Be sure to wet the trunk immediately after making the cut so that water will flow up the trunk and keep it clear. This doesn’t only work for Christmas trees but also for most flowers and bouquets.

Give it plenty of water
The tree will need to drink to keep it alive but it also needs to stay in the water to keep the trunk from resealing with sap. So you need to check on it daily to make sure the tree has enough water. Once it runs dry the tree trunk will need to be recut and will possibly die so make sure it never runs dry.

Make sure to get a tree stand that has a large water reservoir so you can keep it topped up.