Funny Lazy Christmas Decoration Ideas That Are Actually Useful

Totally Lazy Christmas Decoration Ideas That Are Actually Great

With Christmas right around the corner, a lot of people have begun to decorate their homes. Some people like to go all out, and string lights from every possible surface, others like to go the more traditional route and hang evergreen boughs. For some people, though, Christmas decorating is less exciting and just something that they feel they have to do. There are a ton of easy Christmas decorations that can be made at home, which will leave your house looking decked to the halls, and won’t break the bank, or eat up too much time. They are also fun to do with family and friends to spread some holiday cheer.

A Pile Of Lights

At the end of the holidays, some people like to dump their decorations and Christmas lights into a box and put them away for next year. They don’t bother to disentangle the lights or separate the ornaments, which leads to quite a jumble of Christmas stuff.

This person decided that disentangling the lights was simply too much. For their lights this year, they are simply a glowing pile with a sign that says it all, “Screw it.”


A Hand-Some Tree

For those who find themselves working at medical centers over the holidays, it might not be easy to find a synthetic tree that does not contain any allergens. This medical practitioner found the perfect solution for their clinic.

They wanted to add some Christmas flair, but with a medical edge. That is where the ‘hand’ tree comes in. All it requires are some blown-up plastic gloves, and a little bit of tinsel. Now, this tree is fit to make any patient or staff member smile when they see it. The best part is that everything needed to make this is readily available if you work in the medical field.

Put A Bow On It

Some people like to embrace the holiday spirit to the point where they actually embody it. This man knew that he wanted to do something special to show off his holiday cheer, and the perfect way to do that was through his hair.

Instead of going for a close shave, he kept enough in the back to shave a Christmas tree, and then he glued on a red bow for the full effect. We bet many people smiled at him as he walked around town with this special hair-do. We just hope that glue wasn’t permanent, or it was going to be a bit uncomfortable to put that bow away after the holidays.

A Spicy Season

For anyone that appreciates take out food as much as this festive homeowner, this homemade wreath will be a fan favorite. All you need to do is save those packets of hot sauce from Taco Bell, and the pizza spice from Pizza Hut to make a colorful wreath to hang on your front door.

All of your neighbors will be astounded by your ingenuity. Also, this wreath is basically made of free stuff, which means you can save your sauces all year long in preparation for a special spicy wreath making session. Everyone should make sure not to puncture any of the sauce packets though accidentally, or it might be a fiery Christmas.

The Ultimate Holiday Sweater

Ugly sweater parties are one of the most fun holiday parties to attend. Each person is expected to wear a Christmas sweater that lets their personalities shine through. This woman decided to go full Christmas tree and create a sweater that allowed her to turn into one.

We have to admit, she does make a very convincing tree, and the ornaments on her sweater really tie the whole look together. If there is a prize for the best sweater, she will definitely win.

All Hail The Portable Toilet

Just because an item is not traditionally part of a holiday doesn’t mean that it can’t be decorated. This portable toilet manufacturer decided to spread some holiday cheer by decorating a giant pyramid of portable toilets.

All Hail The Portable Toilet

It does look pretty festive, but hopefully, these toilets are not pre-used. If this pyramid comes crashing down, everyone could be in for a not so festive surprise. Christmas should smell like gingerbread, not sewage.

Double Talk

Just because the holidays are here does not mean that some people aren’t in the market for a new home. December may not be the ideal time to rent, but this landlord thought that they had dreamed up a pretty good marketing ploy.

Double Talk

All it took was the Spanish word, “Navidad,” to add some extra flair to this For Lease sign. Not only do you know the property is for rent, but this landlord also speaks Spanish!

A Touch Of Christmas Spirit

Not everyone wants to embrace Christmas fully, and deck their halls with boughs and holly. This person decided to go the minimalist route. They have their bookshelf, which features a nice pyramid shape.

It is about the size of a Christmas tree, and with some lights added to it, it makes for a toned-down holiday aesthetic. Presents can also be placed on the shelves for easy access, which makes Christmas morning very easy in terms of finding the gifts.


We have seen a lot of creative Christmas trees, but reindeer have not been as plentiful. Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer, decided to make an appearance at this hospital. Four crutches acted as his legs, and some butcher’s paper acted as his pelt.

He might not look as good as the real thing, but it seems like these health care workers knew just how to add some cheer to their ward. This reindeer even looks like it is smiling.

A Pop Nativity Story

Those that celebrate Christmas know that it is the time when Jesus Christ was said to be born. Some people like to have a nativity scene in their homes that display this story. This person found themselves without any nativity figurines, but they did have a box and some Coca Cola cans with the correct names on them.

The box of Camel cigarettes really ties the entire story together. This has to be one of the more creative nativity scenes out there.

A Blow-Up Wreath

Not everything needs to be real. Wreaths can be created out of almost anything. You can use hot sauce packets, fir boughs, and in this instance, plastic. Someone decided to be really lazy this holiday season and buy an inflatable wreath.

It might be lazy, but it is also ingenious. It takes two seconds to blow up, and if you have a pool, you can also use it to float around on. Now that is a multipurpose wreath.

Put A Star On It

Some people really don’t like taking the time to go out and find the perfect tree, followed by decorating it meticulously. This ‘tree’ does take a bit of foresight, though. You will need to make a conscious effort not to wash any of your laundry before the holiday if you want to ensure that your towering pile of clothes is high enough to be a tree.

To make sure everyone knows that it is your tree, you will need to add a star as an extra touch.

Perpetually Decorated

As we keep seeing, some people really do not care about decorating their homes or their trees. However, they do feel a bit of societal, or perhaps familial pressure to put in a tad of effort.

This person decided the answer to all of their problems was simply cling wrapping their tree, decorations, and so that they never have to decorate it ever again. This is a solution that works, but wouldn’t this person get tired of the same decorations year after year?

Getting In The Christmas Spirit

There are definitely some Scrooge’s out there. These people want everyone to know that they do not love the holidays. This person decided to let that message be known to his neighborhood.

They designed to put lights up, but the Christmas lights spell “MEH.” If that is how they feel about the holidays, maybe they should have hung up those lights inside. Everyone wants to be cheerful during the holidays; there should be no “meh” feelings allowed.

Saving Some Money

Depending on where a person lives, the cost of electricity to power hundreds of tiny lights can be quite expensive. Some people like to hang as many lights as humanly possible, which makes for the kind of light shows that have cars slowing down, and children walking over to look at the home.

This person decided they wanted to save some money, and a well-placed sign that says, “DITTO” with an arrow at a well-lit house definitely allowed them to do that.

The Danger Zone

Hanging Christmas lights take some finesse. Usually, you need a ladder to crawl up onto the roof with, or to get as high as the eaves. One thing you will definitely need is someone to hold the ladder while you clamber up and down, stringing the lights.

This person decided to scare their neighbors and create a fake person dangling from their roof. It looked so lifelike that 9-1-1 was called to come and save them.

Keeping It Simple

Decorations don’t need to be fancy. Simple ones can be used, and since it is technically a birthday celebration for Jesus Christ, this person decided to celebrate it the way they would any birthday, with a sign.

Most people have leftover birthday decorations, so you may as well just take out a few of those and hang them around your home if you find yourself lacking in real Christmas decorations. We give this person props for creativity.

The Grinch

The Dr. Seuss classic How The Grinch Stole Christmas is one of those children’s books that everyone knows. The wily green Grinch certainly knows exactly how to ruin Christmas, but by the end of the book, he realizes just how important the holiday actually is.

This person decided to show that they have a good sense of humor, and incorporate the Grinch into their holiday decorations. He doesn’t look as sinister as he could.

Gingerbread Woes

Putting a gingerbread house together is a sign that the holidays are right around the corner. Some people take a lot of time meticulously decorating their houses and want all of their friends and family to see how amazing they are.

This person took the opposite approach, and haphazardly threw together a house that had been destroyed by dinosaurs. The Jurassic Park effect is definitely unique, and we aren’t totally sure it embodies the Christmas spirit.

Frosty The Commode

Some people don’t want to limit their decorating to the living room and the outside of their homes. Every room of the house is fair game, and this bathroom was no different. Frosty the Snowman is a pretty jolly guy, and he definitely spruces up this bathroom.

We’re just not totally sure how we feel about someone sitting on his face. The top hat is a particularly nice touch, although those candles should be watched when they’re lit, to avoid any melting or a fire.