Funny Lazy Christmas Decoration Ideas That Are Actually Useful

Totally Lazy Christmas Decoration Ideas That Are Actually Great

With Christmas right around the corner, a lot of people have begun to decorate their homes. Some people like to go all out, and string lights from every possible surface, others like to go the more traditional route and hang evergreen boughs. For some people, though, Christmas decorating is less exciting and just something that they feel they have to do. There are a ton of easy Christmas decorations that can be made at home, which will leave your house looking decked to the halls, and won’t break the bank, or eat up too much time. They are also fun to do with family and friends to spread some holiday cheer.

A Pile Of Lights

At the end of the holidays, some people like to dump their decorations and Christmas lights into a box and put them away for next year. They don’t bother to disentangle the lights or separate the ornaments, which leads to quite a jumble of Christmas stuff.

This person decided that disentangling the lights was simply too much. For their lights this year, they are simply a glowing pile with a sign that says it all, “Screw it.”


A Hand-Some Tree

For those who find themselves working at medical centers over the holidays, it might not be easy to find a synthetic tree that does not contain any allergens. This medical practitioner found the perfect solution for their clinic.

They wanted to add some Christmas flair, but with a medical edge. That is where the ‘hand’ tree comes in. All it requires are some blown-up plastic gloves, and a little bit of tinsel. Now, this tree is fit to make any patient or staff member smile when they see it. The best part is that everything needed to make this is readily available if you work in the medical field.