Emotional Marriage Proposals That Were Caught Perfectly on Camera

Everywhere in the world, people go above and beyond to pull out the best proposals to their loved ones. While some people choose to do something sweet, simple, and intimate, others literally jump off a plane in order to ask their lover if they would like to spend the rest of their lives with them. With proposal season coming upon us soon, here are the most romantic proposals captured on camera.

A Box Made Of Coal

Some of the best proposals are the ones that take something meaningful for both ends, transforming it into something extra special. Since the beginning of their relationship, George would joke around with his girlfriend that one day she would get coal for a present.

Years later, when the right time came, Geroge got down on one knee with a box made of coal and asked Manon to marry him. He waited until their legendary trip to Scotland and waited for the perfect moment to propose.