Eco-Friendly Wrapping Ideas To Try This Christmas

With Christmas around the corner it is almost time to start wrapping those Christmas gifts, and this year you can do your part for the environment with these great eco-friendly wrapping ideas.

Brown paper
Brown paper is good for the environment because it is made from recycled materials. Sadly though presents wrapped in plain old brown paper don’t exactly scream Christmas. However, with some gold paint or a metallic marker, you can jazz up brown paper in no time by adding some golden stars. If you have kids you can turn the decorating into a craft activity by simply taking some gold or silver craft or finger paint and letting your kids decorate the wrapping paper with golden handprints. Not only will this look great but the grandparents will love it!

Brown paper bags
Like brown paper, these bags can easily be decorated with a metallic sharpie or some gold finger paint. But with some colored ribbon, they can be further elevated to look like the perfect wrapped gift.

You can even make a makeshift stamp by pressing leaves dipped in the paint against the paper, leaving a unique design.

Use cloth
This technique has been popular in Japan for centuries and there are plenty of special folding instructions online to help you wrap your gifts like a pro.

You can even wrap a gift in new kitchen cloth, T-shirt or scarf and make that part of the gift. Many fabric stores carry organza or satin that you can buy cheaply and wrap gifts in that.

Use newspaper
Now you may think this is a step too far but newspaper without colored adds and pictures can make quite a stylish wrapping paper. Just add a black or silver bow and your gift will be good to go.

Not only is this a great way to use old newspapers but it’s a great money saver.