Christmas Décor Trends of 2019

Christmas is almost upon us and many of us are getting ready to put up our trees. Before you start hanging those lights and getting out those decorations, it’s important to be aware of this year’s trends to make sure that this Christmas your home looks amazing. Here are some of the top trends we are seeing this holiday season.

Natural Materials
It could be because everyone is so much more eco-conscious this year but this year natural materials for decorations are all the rage. Pine cones are great for decorating the table or underneath the tree and to give your pine cones more definition, try spraying them with some gold, silver or light metallic colored spray paint for extra impact. Fresh greenery is also a big hit this year so why not head outdoors if you are looking for some decorative inspiration.

Metallic Baubles
This year, metallic baubles are a huge hit and it looks like silver and blue might be some of the most popular colors for the tree. This year try mixing things up and get large small and medium-size baubles instead of just one size.

Be sure to pick a two or three-color scheme beforehand, making sure that each color compliments the other. Make sure you stick to metallic, colder colors and avoid bright and more vivid color combinations. In addition to those metallic baubles, decorate your tree with some muted, glittery ornaments that complement and highlight instead of overpowering the existing scheme.

Cool Natural Colors
Bright, busy color schemes are so last year and this year the popular color schemes are cool and natural color pallets. Instead of bright colors or the traditional red, white a green of Christmas; think champagne, silver, copper, rose gold and sage.

This year we are seeing a lot more toned down colors highlighted with bright metallic accents of silver and gold. This Christmas embrace those cool shades and metallics and build yourself a crisp winter wonderland and a more natural look.