Wedding Guest Told to Leave After Being Invited to the Evening

Weddings are a lot of fun. For the bride and groom, it is a very special day, and for the guests, it is a reason to celebrate until the early hours of the morning. The planning that goes into a wedding usually takes months, and in some cases, even years. Each bride and groom has a vision for their own wedding, and everyone wants it to be unique. For one bride and groom, they had planned a very special wedding, with a totally unique schedule. This schedule is what would cause a major mishap. Sometimes the smallest details can lead to some very dramatic moments. Keep reading to see exactly what happened during this wedding.

The Bride And Groom

In a thread that appeared on Reddit, one user decided to detail their experience as a wedding guest at a close friend’s nuptials. The thread started like any other. It introduced the bride and groom while leaving out names and other major indicators of who they are in real life.

The user did mention that the bride was a close personal friend of theirs, but nothing else. This friendship meant that the wedding guest was excited to attend the wedding. They wanted to be there to support their friends on the big day.