No More Bad Hair Days

If there is one thing that can ruin our whole day, it’s bad hair! Ok, that may be a little dramatic but none the less, it can really throw a spanner in the works. There’s those lucky few who can wake up with their hair looking like they have just been for a wash and blow and then there’s the rest of us, the fluffy ones, the bushy ones and the ‘dragged through. Hedge backward’ ones. So, what can we do to help solve our bad hair days?

Now, this certainly isn’t going to be a quick fix, this type of thing takes work, whether we like it or not. But in the end, it will be worth it, the hair on your head (or anywhere else for that matter) can be trained and here’s how to start.

Everyone’s hair is different

Every single person on this earth has different hair and this is where the problem begins. We are all guilty of watching a hair advert and feeling envious of the luscious, long, thick and glossy hair being whipped around the screen, so of course, we buy the product (insert breakdown after the realization that the product does not have the same effect on your own hair). What we need to do is spend some time getting to know our hair. Is it oily, dry, thick, curly, colored? The list goes on. Once you understand what type of hair you have, this will help you to invest in the correct products.

Your roots

You have to think of your scalp as you do your skin, although it is often hidden away, looking after your scalp is vital to having great hair. Using things such as a scalp scrub every so often or a micellar shampoo will give this area all the tender loving care it needs. Make sure to use this type of shampoo irregularly, it is often the case that what is good for your scalp may not be so good for your hair.

You wash it how often?

Although we may think it is a myth, there really is truth behind only washing your hair a few times a week, preferably two or three. Washing it more than this will strip the natural oils away. Adding to this, we’re all guilty of falling into the same hair washing routine, but it is time to make a change. Instead of lathering shampoo through the length of your hair, just use a small amount on your roots and massage your scalp. Additionally, when it comes to conditioning your locks, this should be spread through the end of your hair. The more you do this, the more your hair will get used to its training.

You will have “to die for” hair in no time at all!