Must-See Events In The Night Sky This November

This November there are some fantastic astronomical phenomena that will be lighting up our night skies, so be sure to take a look so that you don’t miss out on something beautiful. Here are some of the must-see events this November.

The Taurid meteor shower peak (12 Nov)
The Taurid meteor shower runs throughout the month but is most visible during its peak from November 5 to November 12. This shower, also known as the Halloween fireballs, will have approximately 10 meteors an hour during the peak point on 12 November. The meteors will radiate out of the Taurus constellation and depending on your location, should be visible in either the eastern or southern sky. If you need help finding one of these constellations, there are some great astronomy apps in your app store. Keep an eye out to see if you can spot these long-tailed meteors streaking across the sky.

Must-See Events In The Night Sky This November

Leonids Meteor shower peak (18 Nov)
This meteor shower can be seen in the Leo constellation and sees its peak around 18 November, although it is still visible from 15 November to 20 November. This shower is bigger than the Taurid shower with approximately 20 meteors an hour at its peak. Depending on where you are located the shower should appear in the northeastern section of the sky close to the horizon. If you know how to find the big dipper, the showers should be occurring near there.

Venus and Jupiter will be side-by-side (24 Nov)
Venus and Jupiter will be in close approach on 24 November which means they will be very close to one another as they appear near the western horizon at dusk.

Also known as the Christmas stars or the Wise Men(remember they are not technically stars but planets, stars twinkle, and planets don’t), the planets will shine brightly for a brief period just after the sunsets. Because this year the moon will be waning, there should be plenty of darkness to make out the planest clearly.

The Halloween Pleiades will be high in the sky (18 Nov)
If you are out looking for the Leonids meteors you may want to look out for the Halloween Pleiades while you are at it. The Pleiades star cluster, also known as the seven sisters, will appear high in the sky around midnight and will be clear enough s that you can make it out perfectly.

With the appearance of a cluster of tiny bright stars, this is the perfect time of year to view the jeweled beauties