Green Tea, Matcha And Honey Face Mask

Green Tea, Matcha And Honey Face Mask

Green tea has been drunk for thousands of years and today it is popular around the world as a hot and cold beverage. the active ingredients in green tea mean that it can be very beneficial to your health when brewed into tea. From lowering your blood sugar to keeping your brain young, green tea is a miracle beverage. Thankful green tea can also help you with your skin and complexion and its beauty benefits can leave you looking refreshed and beautiful.

Green tea is great for facial care because it contains an antioxidant called catechin which prevents the growth of nasty germs and bacteria that cause blackheads and breakouts. The tea’s antioxidants and polyphenols help fight the effects of aging and sun damage and also prevent wrinkles and redness. So not only do you get protection against germs, but you can also protect your skin from the harshness of the environment.

If you want to keep your skin moisturized the honey is surprisingly effective and the matcha and flour will gently exfoliate your skin and remove dead skin. Matcha is also a great anti-inflammatory so say goodbye to red patches. To take advantage of these benefits be sure to try out this green tea and honey face mask recipe.

Mask Ingredients

• 1 cup of brewed green tea that has been left to cool
• 2 tablespoons of rice or potato flour
• ½ tablespoon of honey
• A small bowl and spoon for mixing
• Matcha powder

How to make the mask
1. Using the spoon slowly add the tea to the flour and matcha powder, making sure to stir as you add. This way you won’t have any lumps.
2. Once the flour, matcha, and tea have been mixed you can add the honey and mix well.
3. Once the ingredients have all been combined you can apply the paste to your skin.
4. Leave the mask on your face until it dries completely.
5. Wash off with cold water and make sure to massage in circular motions as you wash the mask off. This allows the matcha powder to gently exfoliate your skin and to remove dead skin cells.

Green Tea, Matcha And Honey Face Mask

Removing your mask with cold water gives you a fairer, more even skin tone and also allows your pores to close. This mask is best used in the morning before you start your day!