When an Elderly Woman Went Missing, Four Young Kids Came to the Rescue

When an Elderly Woman Went Missing, Four Young Kids Came to the Rescue

Aging is a part of life. As much as some of us may try and fight the signs of aging, it is undeniable that each day after we are born, we get older. For a 97-year old woman named Glenneta Belford, she found herself suffering dementia, which impaired her mentally. A group of kids heard about this elderly woman and knew that they needed to step in and lend a helping hand. Glenneta was known for something particular in the facility she lived in. This would sometimes get her into trouble, and on this fateful day, she would definitely need the help of these kind children. Keep scrolling to see how these kids helped Glenneta during her hour of need.

What Is Dementia?

Dementia refers to a condition or disease that affects the brain. It specifically targets a person’s ability to remember things and perform daily tasks. Quite often, a person can become disoriented and forget where they are and what they are doing. For Glenneta, she found herself experiencing this condition. This is why she was placed in a home for the elderly in a city called Roseville, in the state of California.

She needed some help once in a while, and the facility she was placed in allowed her some autonomy. She was still free to wander around, but when she became a bit confused, there was always an orderly to help her get back to her room.

Getting Worse

The term dementia can be used to classify over 100 different conditions and diseases. Some of these types are degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s or Huntington, while others are Alzheimer’s. Most of these develop when tiny strokes occur in the brain or other bleeds, which lead to parts of the brain being damaged.

This damage is what affects the memory, ability to control specific muscle groups, and simply leading a normal daily life. The symptoms never decrease, and will progressively worsen as a person ages. That is why facilities, like the one that Glenneta was living in, are so important. They allow residents to maintain their dignity during a vulnerable time in their lives.


Glenna herself suffers from Alzheimer’s, and one of the main symptoms is the urge to wander. Wandering essentially means that a person suffering from the dementia-related condition will have a thought, or want to go somewhere and set off for that destination.

At some point during the journey, they will become disoriented and forget where or what they had planned to do. This leads them to wander aimlessly until someone can assist them back to their living facility, or to a family member who is in charge of their well-being. It can be quite dangerous for a person with dementia to wander, as they are prone to mood swings as well.