These Alleged Scandals Rocked the Royal Family

These Alleged Scandals Rocked the Royal Family

The British Royal family has been around for centuries and with so many members married off to other European monarchs, there has been a lot of intermingling over the years. Each member has made their mark on history for various reasons. Some are for their long reigns, others are for their political acumen and yet some are for scandalous events, particularly relationships. With every move being watched by the world and reported on by the media it is next to impossible to retain any sort of anonymity. This means that something that should be kept under wraps usually has a tendency to get out. Nobody is without fault and even the Royals sometimes make mistakes. You also cannot choose who you end up loving which history has definitely shown for this family.

Looking at the present members of the Royal family and some of the most notorious ones from the past we have collected some of the most scandalous moments that have made it to the public sphere. From love triangles to poorly chosen costumes this list has it all.

Three’s Company

Before the lavish televised events of Prince William and Kate, and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle there was that of Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles. To the world, it looked like a love match as the young Diana wed Prince Charles. In reality, it was a love triangle between her, Charles, and Camilla Shand and then Parker Bowles.

Charles had been in love with Camilla before he even met Diana but she was not considered a suitable match for the Prince; Diana was. Camilla and Charles would see each other throughout his marriage to Diana. This is what would ultimately lead to their divorce in 1996.