Ahh, Those Friday Feelings

Hurrah! Friday is finally here, and boy, have we been waiting for it. We are all guilty of turning our backs on Monday and hating the day for what it represents. For most people around the world, Monday means it is back to work and back to routine after two days of bliss.

Then there’s Friday, the end of the week, we finally did it, we got there and aren’t we proud! So perhaps we are a little over the top when it comes to our negative feelings towards Mondays, after all, it is probably our most productive day of the week. With to-do lists galore and emails answered within seconds, our work ethic really is much better on a Monday, especially when we compare it to Friday.

It’s obvious, Friday we love you but there’s a problem. This day symbolizes a day that we wish away, watching the clock tick on by as we wait for it to strike at 5pm so we can run out of the office door. Of course, it could be only us, but who out there can admit (go on, tell us) that on a Friday they end up scrolling through social media more than any other day in the week? Or what about staring and yawning and pushing things to the side so you can “deal with them on Monday?” Although some might not like to admit it, there are a lot of us out there.

So, what can we do to improve our attitude towards Friday, here are some tips for you:

Get a plan ready and in place for the following week.
Book those meetings in for early next week.
You know those little niggly tasks you need to get done, well, do them today!

And finally, tackle that email you have been avoiding.

Ok that’s enough, it is Friday after all. Have a great weekend everyone.