4-Year-Old Sits Down to Have Dinner With Police Officer Who Was Dining Alone

When 4-year-old Lilian saw Sgt Steven Dearth at a restaurant table alone she decided to get up from her seat and join him. She did this for no other reason than to make sure he didn’t have to eat alone. This beautiful moment was captured on restaurant surveillance cameras for the world to see.

A Simple Smile

Lilian is an adorable 4-year-old girl who was out to supper with her parents and baby brother one evening. As she enjoyed her kid’s meal she couldn’t help but notice the lonely police officer sitting in the corner waiting for his food to arrive. Seargent Steven Dearth was on a meal break and had come into the restaurant to order a quick meal before getting back to his tough shift. As he instinctively scanned the restaurant he noticed the little girls staring back at him.

As soon as their gazes met Lilian smiled and waved at the surprised police officer. Seargent Dearth wasn’t used to such a young child being so comfortable with a uniformed officer and her kindness immediately lifted his mood Seconds later the 4-year-old announced to her parents that she wanted to talk to the police officer. Not wanting to disappoint her, her dad scooped her up and carried her over to the officer’s table.