The Transition From Summer to Autumn

As the clocks go back it really is time for us to face the facts, summer is officially over and autumn is here, loud and clear. Although summer was as much fun as it was, while we enjoyed that relaxing vacation and the chance to finally put our feet up, there is something as equally exciting about autumn. From gorgeous outdoor colors, crisp mornings and an exciting new wardrobe, for most, autumn also means that it is back to routine and if you’re anything like us, you’re probably happy about that.

Taking a break from our regular routines always comes at exactly the right time but in the end, we’re ready once again for those early nights on the couch in the comfort of our own homes. As we snap back to our pre-summer life, why not take this changing of seasons as an opportunity to reset?


While most of us work hard to feel good for the summer, it is easy to slip right out of your gym habit while you’re juggling several outdoor events each week. So instead of waiting for new year to come around with the usual fitness related resolutions, why not start now? After all, with plans rarely being made over the next couple of months while we wait for the Christmas period, why not use the extra time you now have to fall in love with a new fitness routine?

The Transition From Summer to Autumn


Ah sleep! Can you remember back to the time before the summer came along and stole all those hours of sleep for you? Well, we can, and we are more than ready to catch some z’s. Autumn is a great time to understand that the evening is a time where you can restore, relax and sleep for an extra hour or two. Prepare yourself by disconnecting from all technology and bask in the quietness that you have secretly missed.

The Transition From Summer to Autumn


These cozy nights in are also a great excuse to give your relationship some attention. After running around all summer, coming back to being in the house all the time with your loved ones can sometimes be a little challenging. Take this time and use it to communicate with your partner, agree on a movie to watch that evening and take advantage of the fact that once again, you can simply sit and enjoy each other.

Saying goodbye to summer doesn’t sound so bad after all.