This Star From Duck Dynasty Is Unrecognizable After Shaving His Beard

Duck Dynasty is a reality show that became increasingly popular, running for 11 seasons. The Robertson family earned millions for themselves through the show which has led to many critics dubbing them the new Beverly Hillbillies. The Robertson family are very well known for their Christian values, as well as men in the family being recognized for their bushy beards that they never shave. Ever.

One of the brothers  Jase is known for his witty comments and of course, his giant beard. However, Jase recently chose to say goodbye to his beard after he made a pledge to his fans. The results of his makeover are surprising. Even Jase’s wife was stunned at her husband’s new look.

Television Success

Although the series officially ended in March of 2017, the popularity of Duck Dynasty still remains. The Robertsons have made quite the impressions on the show’s loyal viewers as we watched them through ups and downs over 11 seasons. The show was so successful that it created $400 million in revenue from merchandise.

Television Success