Getting Back To Basics: Using A Day Planner

These days a lot of people are moving away from technology. Smartphones, laptops, and tablets are a necessary part of life be it for work or simply contacting friends. But there is one area of your life that you can move away from your phone to. It may not be the most convenient for you. It truly depends on just how connected you are for work and meetings but it worked in the past so it can work now. People used to write down all of their meetings, appointments, and classes in a day planner rather than putting them into their smartphone’s scheduling app. Yes, for work we know how important scheduling is but for your personal life may be taking a step back to write out your plan for the week may be a relaxing thing to do and it gets you away from technology.

Getting Back To Basics: Using A Day Planner

Time Management

Having to take the time to write down everything you need to do allows you to see your week or month laid out before you. As you look at everything, or nothing you have to do you may realize you actually need to make time for certain things or get involved with more activities. Physically writing and seeing everything does something for our brains that a digital notification does not.


Your work schedule is one thing, but your home schedule is very different. Scheduling in time to clean, cook, do taxes, and laundry are all items that can be input into a day planner. If you keep putting things off or forgetting you may find that you are not being as productive in your downtime as you could be. If you see that you have allotted an hour to cleaning, but spend six hours watching Netflix there may be some room for improvement.

Reduce Stress

Oftentimes we can feel overwhelmed by all of the tasks we have to complete. Especially when they seem to be looming on the horizon, a digital calendar does not give one the same mental satisfaction as being able to tick something off of a to-do list. A planner allows you to jot down lists, not just events that you need to be at. If you have everything planned out, all you need to do is turn to the page and know exactly what you need to be doing which eliminates the stress of trying to figure everything out on the go and gives you a general idea of what needs to be completed. A timeline is everything.