Gentle Exfoliating Olive Oil And Sea Salt Body Scrub

This natural salt and olive oil body scrub is an effective and cost-effective beauty secret that will give your skin a radiant glow. The roughness of the salt allows for gentle exfoliation and the removal of dead skin cells while olive oil is chock full of antioxidants and vitamins that will nourish and revitalize. This scrub is simple enough to mix up and a small batch can keep for several weeks as long as it’s stored properly.

If you are concerned about cellulite, you can substitute the sea salt with a cup of coffee grounds. Like the salt, the coffee grounds will exfoliate the skin while the caffeine in the grounds will help tighten the skin, dilate the blood vessels and improve blood flow. While a coffee scrub may not completely eliminate orange-peel skin, it does visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Making the scrub

1.) Combine 1-part olive oil with 2-parts sea salt. Before mixing check to make sure the sea salt crystals are not too large if they are you might need to grind them down slightly to break them up. Apply more sea salt if needed to get a scrub texture.
2.) massage the scrub gently into your skin for a few minutes, making sure not to use too much force.
3.) For this scrub make sure to focus on the knees and elbows. If you have substituted the salt for coffee grounds, then apply to the area you wish to smoothen.
4.) Make sure that all the oil is absorbed and then rinse with cool water.

How does it work?
This scrub is effective for two reasons. Firstly, by massaging your skin you can stimulate the activity of skin cells and improve blood flow. The coarseness of the coffee grounds or salt gently removes dead cells and dirt effectively. Secondly while coffee grounds and salt act as an effective exfoliant, olive oil is full of antioxidants that help your skin fight the damaging effects of the environment.

Gentle Exfoliating Olive Oil And Sea Salt Body Scrub

It also prevents wrinkles and aging. While too much olive oil can clog your pores, this scrub uses a minimal amount of oil that is rubbed in with the excess washed away. Olive oil can be quite beneficial for your skin because it contains squalene which is similar to your skin’s natural oils and provides your skin with an extra layer of protection.