The Shipwreck That Finally Solved A Mysterious Disappearance

Diver’s Set Out to Uncover What Happened to an Ancient Shipwreck and Its Crew, Exposing New Details

With the ocean covering about 70 percent of the Earth, there is a vast world that we still don’t know much about. For all of us land dwellers, we often don’t think about what lies in the depths of the waters that surround the continents we live on. More often than not, the ocean contains some pretty mysterious things, such as lost treasure, or in this case, a shipwreck which held the key to a 200-year-old mystery. The ship, the HMS Terror, was lost at sea, a very long time ago, and the reason that it sank has continued to boggle the minds of many naval historians.

The Terror

During the 1800s, the British navy embarked on a shipbuilding mission to increase their numbers on the water. The HMS Terror was one of the ships built in the early part of the century. It was a warship through and through.

The Terror

The Terror was designed to have the ability to blow other vessels out of the water, and like the name of it suggests, strike terror in the hearts of any other ships who saw her sailing towards them.