The Best Nutrients For Luscious Hair

Summer is a very drying season for your hair. The sun’s rays and saltwater have a tendency to make it dry and brittle which means that a lot of hair masks will be needed to make it soft and lustrous. You can also use a hair SPF for your locks to help protect them from the elements. However, you can help your hair stay luscious and healthy by eating a few nutrient-rich foods and taking some supplements that are designed to keep it thick, grow quickly, and make it shine.


Hair is mainly made up of protein but biotin is one of the key vitamins that make hair thick, strong and grow quickly. You have probably seen biotin advertised as a key component in most supplements that purport to help with hair health. This wonder vitamin is found in a wide variety of foods which means you don’t have to take any supplements if you simply increase your intake of them. Lentils, soy-based products, most nuts, eggs, bananas, salmon, avocados, and mushrooms all contain a substantial amount of biotin. They are also full of other great nutrients that are good for your body so try introducing these into your diet if you don’t already eat them.

The Best Nutrients For Luscious Hair


This nutrient falls under the Vitamin B family which Biotin does as well but it works to help with hair health as well as overall health. It does not work to make hair grow more quickly but instead targets scalp health and hair follicle stimulation. It will help with scalp circulation to keep your scalp hydrated and thus not prone to dryness which leads to dandruff. The hair follicles will also be stronger which means individual hairs will not shed as quickly. For the body in general, it will aid in improved circulation which will keep your body running like a well-oiled machine. You can take it as a supplement but it is also found in meat products like chicken, tuna and turkey. If you are a vegetarian, it can be consumed via green peas, avocados, and peanuts.

The Best Nutrients For Luscious Hair

Vitamin A

Another much-needed vitamin for your entire body, Vitamin A helps with scalp health as well. This one works to produce the natural oil on your scalp called sebum. Too much sebum is what gives hair that oily appearance. You do not want to strip it all off with a strong shampoo because your scalp needs this to keep it hydrated. This also helps to keep hair healthy by not drying it out which can leave it prone to breakage. You can have too much of a good thing though, so be careful not to have too much Vitamin A or it can lead to increased shedding. If you think you need some Vitamin A in your diet, eat some sweet potatoes, spinach, and other dark leafy greens like kale.

Your hair will be glowing after this nutrient intake!