8 Easy Peasy Self-Care Ideas To Practice This Weekend

8 Easy Peasy Self-Care Ideas To Practice This Weekend

Looking after number one is the most important thing we can do for our overall health and happiness. In order to get the most out of life, we have to recharge our batteries every so often. Here are 8 easy ways to look after yourself this weekend and in the future.

Enjoy being with yourself…

1. Go For A Walk Without Your Phone. Leave social media behind for just an hour, and take in your surroundings, be present and connected to your thoughts and nature. You will be surprised at how recharged and energised you will feel.

2. Try Something New Every Week For One Month. Has there been an activity that you have wanted to try but haven’t got round to it yet? Start now. Set yourself the task of trying something new every week for a month. For instance, a new workout class, yoga, trying out different recipes or reading a new book.

3. Practice Gratitude. Wake up each morning and acknowledge three things that you are grateful for, this will help centre you and remind you amongst all the chaos, of what is going right in your life, and how far you have come already. We have a tendency to worry about things we haven’t achieved or what we haven’t got, and can often forget about all the amazing things we do have.

4.Have A Hot Bubble Bath. Bubble baths are so invigorating, relax your muscles and your mind, add some Epsom salts, some bubble bath, light some candles and put on some meditation music or a calming playlist and enjoy your own time in relaxation.

8 Easy Peasy Self-Care Ideas To Practice This Weekend

5. Moisturise Your Skin. After your bubble bath or shower, enjoy taking time to moisturise your whole body and revel in feeding your skin moisture. Love your body in that moment and appreciate everything it does for you.

6. Spend Quality Time With Loved Ones. Allocate time at the weekend to catch up with friends and family. These are the people that lift you up, and restore your energy and love you for being you. These moments are important.

7. Exercise For 20 Minutes. Working out can feel like a chore, but all you have to do is dedicate just 20 minutes to exercise today, to get your heart rate up, oxygen pumping through your cells, and endorphins running around your brain making you feel like a new person. Whatever you do, go full power and before you know it 20 minutes will have flown by. Finish off with a post-workout- protein power smoothie.

8. Eat Mindfully. Next time you cook yourself a meal, sit down without any distractions from your phone or television or laptop and taste every mouthful. Experience the flavours and textures on your tongue.

8 Easy Peasy Self-Care Ideas To Practice This Weekend