Smartphone Photography Tips

Nowadays, unless you are a professional photographer, you do not want to lug around a big DSLR camera, tripod, and a bag of lenses. But there is one thing you always have in your purse or pocket ready to snap a quick pick with and that is your smartphone. Some people claim that iPhones take the best pictures but that is a matter of opinion… although they do offer a VERY crisp image and great video quality. When you are not busy taking selfies and want to focus on landscapes, night shots, or portraits of friends there are some tips and tricks you can employ to enhance your image before you filter it.

Smartphone Photography Tips

HDR Mode

HDR stands for high dynamic range, and while this mode takes up more memory it works to optimize every aspect of your photo from exposure and brightness to vibrancy and detail. Some phones will have HDR mode turn on automatically when the conditions are not optimal and others will require you to put it on manually. If you are taking an important photo you may want to use this.

The Rule of Thirds

If you are an Android user then you will have seen the 9-part grid that comes up when you use the camera app, if you are an iPhone user then you will need to turn this feature on in your settings. Essentially, when taking a photo you want the most interesting part to be in the middle where all of the lines meet together as this creates an even balance. Sometimes off-center pictures can be compelling if you want something more avant-garde.

Smartphone Photography Tips


Have you ever accidentally take a hundred photos in the span of a minute? If the answer is yes, then congratulations you have already used the ‘burst’ function. This was created so that you can take a large number of photos of a moving subject in a matter of minutes to ensure that you capture it. This way you will get the best possible picture, and can simply delete the rest to free up space for more pictures.

Download A Third-Party Photo Editing App

If you find that your pictures are still not quite up to snuff then it might be time to download a third-party app that you can take pictures with and also edit them. This way you can get the colors exactly as you want them, or even make them have sepia or black and white tones. Your smartphone can take amazing pictures, all it takes is an eye to detail and a little bit of tinkering on your part.