Police officer’s note for pregnant waitress reduced her to tears

Police officer’s note for pregnant waitress reduced her to tears

For one small-town waitress, she was doing everything she could to prepare for the arrival of her first baby. This meant working as much as possible to be able to afford all of the things she would need for her bundle of joy. As this waitress went about her job on a regular day, she saw a police officer enter the diner where she worked. He took a seat and proceeded to order his meal from her. He seemed like he was a little bit uncomfortable, but she served him his meal and he went on his way. She didn’t give him a second thought until she returned to the table to collect the payment and saw the note he wrote to her.

Meet Courtney

Courtney Cadigan who is just 23, knew that her life was about to change drastically. After all, she had never had a baby before. She had waited tables at the Lamp Post Diner in New Jersey for a couple of years and genuinely enjoyed it.

She wasn’t sure what her life would be like when her baby arrived, but she knew that she needed to make the most of every day. That was why she tried to give every one of her customers a smile and a cheerful remark.

A Surprise

Life at the diner was pretty normal. Each day she would arrive at work, begin saying “Hi” to her customers, and serve them up some delicious food. That’s why the appearance of this unknown police officer wasn’t anything outside the norm. She was used to seeing people from all walks of life, and the level of service she provided never varied.

Everyone deserves to be treated with respect, no matter their rank. That’s why, when the cop was ready to go, she was surprised to find a note waiting for her on top of the table. The note was addressed to her.

Loved By All

The owner of the Lamp Post Diner, Nick Hionas had nothing but kind things to say about Courtney. Finding waitresses who show up to work on time, always have a smile on their faces, and are genuinely happy is not easy to find.

He knew that Courtney’s life was not the easiest, especially with a little one on the way, but she never let this affect her work life at the restaurant. He really appreciated the fact that Courtney could find the silver lining in any situation. That’s why he tried to give her as many shifts as she wanted.

April Fools Day

When that police officer walked into the restaurant, Courtney was about eight months along in her pregnancy. She was ready to give birth to her daughter in a matter of weeks. As she knew that it would be a girl, she had spent a lot of time finding the perfect name.

The name Kayleigh seemed to be the right fit. She liked how happy it sounded, just like herself. Raising a child is not cheap though, that’s why Courtney had vowed to work right up until the birth. Any money she could save over the next couple of weeks would help.

A Father’s Support

The father of Courtney’s daughter was no longer her boyfriend, which meant she would be raising this little girl as a single mom. Her family, especially her father Brian, vowed to be by her side the entire time. She was actually living with her dad during her pregnancy, as she needed someone to help her out.

The father of her daughter was around and would help support the baby once it was born, but in terms of emotional support that was where her family came in. Brian saw how hard Courtney was trying to support herself, and knew she would make a great mom.

Maternity Leave

As Courtney’s waitress position is not a salaried one, she is not subject to the same benefits, like being able to take paid maternity leave. She decided that having a baby would not keep her from achieving her goals.

She would have her daughter, raise her, make some money, and then eventually enroll in a nursing program. Her ultimate goal in life is to be a nurse, and through that provide the best life possible for her daughter.

Saving For The Future

If there is one thing Courtney used to love, it was shelling out on fun adventures and new clothes. Now that she is a mom-to-be, she needs to save every penny.

That’s why it was so surprising when this police officer decided to leave a note for her. What it contained would change her life at that moment. Her life was already about to go through a major change, but this one thing would help her on that journey.

The Big Day

The day finally came when Courtney would serve this secretive police officer. She was making her rounds, smiling, offering top-ups on her customers’ coffees when she made eye contact with him.

She slowly came over to his table, smiled, and offered the best customer service possible. She thought that this police officer might be new in town. She didn’t recognize him, but to Courtney, that meant that he might just be a bit lonely.

The Cop In Question

There are a lot of cops who make their way inside the doors of the Lamp Post Diner. It offers delicious diner fare, with the added bonus of great servers. The Voorhees Township Police station is very close to the diner, which makes it the go-to spot. This police officer didn’t have a badge Courtney recognized though.

He looked like he could be from out of town. She wanted to ask but did not want him to think she was prying.

No Talking

This police officer is not someone Courtney would have described as friendly. He was polite to the extreme, but instead of responding to any of her normal questions he remained silent. She could tell he simply wanted to eat his lunch in peaceful solitude, and then be on his way.

Clearly, he was on some important police business and she did not want to keep him from it. After a quick salad, he was gone, but not without leaving something for Courtney.

An Overheard Conversation

With the police officer now busy eating his salad, Courtney turned her attention to the booth behind his table. These customers wanted to have a nice chat, and she was more than happy to oblige. It was pretty obvious she was about to have a baby, and the customers wanted to know all the details.

She gushed about the name, and when she was due. They all congratulated her, and unbeknownst to Courtney, the cop was listening to every word.


As the police officer in question, began listening to Courtney talk excitedly about her baby, he knew what he needed to do. Money was going to be tight for this young mom, and any little bit would help her while she was unable to work.

All new mothers should be able to spend time with their infants when they are just born without having to worry about where their next meal was coming from. He knew just how to help.

Time To Get Back On The Streets

It did not take the police officer very long to finish his lunch and ask for the bill. Courtney promptly brought it over for him, and the amount was $8.75. Courtney did not have time to wait and see how much of a tip the police officer would leave for her.

She assumed it would not be more than a dollar or two. After all, he had not been very chatty, and while she was as friendly as could be he was only in the diner for a matter of minutes.

Clearing The Dishes

Part of Courtney’s duties as a waitress is to clear the table after a patron has left. She walked over to the police officer’s now vacant table and began to clear the dirty dishes off, along with the used cutlery.

As she was doing this, she glanced down at the bill on the table. She noticed that something was written on it, which was rather unusual. Normally, someone just signs the bill and then goes on their merry way.

The Message

While the police officer may not have wanted to talk during his lunch break, that had not stopped him from actively listening to Courtney. He knew now that she was expecting her first child, and he wanted to congratulate her.

He had penned the quick message, “Enjoy ur 1st. You will never forget it.” She could not believe how sweet it was of him to wish her well, but it was then that she saw he had added something else to the bill.

A Generous Tip

Obviously, this cop knew how expensive it can be to raise a child, and as a single mom, it would not be any easier. He decided to show her a token of his gratitude for her service and to let her know how special it was that she was having a baby.

He decided to add on $100 as her tip for today’s service. She could not believe he had done this, and he was already gone which meant she could not even thank him in person.

Bursting Into Tears

As Courtney stared down at this big tip, she felt tears welling in her eyes. She was being pretty brave about becoming a mom, but this big act of kindness was just a bit too much for her.

After a quick dash to the kitchen, she burst into tears. Her boss asked her what was going on, and she showed him the bill. He congratulated her on a job well done and said that if anyone deserves it, she does.

The Search Begins

Courtney had no idea who this kind cop was, but she knew that she would definitely have to find out. How would she find this man of mystery though? By the time she realized what he had done, he was gone without a trace.

She did not even have a name to go off of. There was one place though that would probably be able to tell her who he was, and that was the Voorhees Police Department.

An Post Online

Brian, Courtney’s dad decided to try and help her track down this kind stranger. He took a photograph of the bill, along with a picture of Courtney and posted it on his social media page for the world to see.

The chances of someone in their little community knowing this police officer were pretty high. He just wanted this police officer to know, as her father, that he also truly appreciated this kind gesture.

Good Apples

As the post slowly started to go viral, Brian decided to discuss some common misconceptions that people have about the police. He talked about how some people think that police are not actually there to help out citizens, but this kind cop has changed his mind.

His nice words about the police force were eventually echoed by other people on the internet who had had good experiences with cops as well. It was nice to see the community start to come together.

Touching People’s Hearts

As soon as this story went live on Facebook, people began to read, react, comment, and share it. Very soon, it went from a simple hometown post to one that was being viewed across the globe.

Everyone had their own insights to share or little stories concerning various police forces around the world. However, the cop at the heart of this post had yet to be located. Nobody knew he really was, but everyone wanted to.

The Mystery Continues

At the end of all this, the police officer did not come forward. He did not want any further recognition and truly wanted his tip and his message to be anonymous. Courtney still felt like she needed to do something to thank him though.

She and her father decided to bring the Voorhees Police Station a little token of their gratitude. They drove over with two big boxes of donuts for the police officers to enjoy in the building, hoping that one would go to that very special cop.