Make up tips every girl should know

We all want to look good but looking good shouldn’t come at the price of healthy skin. In the 1700s women unknowingly applied poisonous substances to their face for beauty’s sake, but luckily today we have special laboratory formulated makeup. Unfortunately, even though it is made in a lab we can trust, this makeup may not necessarily be the best make up for our skin. Here are some useful tips you should know before heading out to your local makeup counter.

Water-based foundation vs oil-based foundations

Oil-based foundations do not dissolve in water at all and when you wash your face it’s difficult to fully remove these creams. They contain a large number of components that clog your pores in comparison to water-based foundations that allow your skin to breathe and do not irritate or clog your pores. Water-based foundations are easy to wash off and don’t leave behind any oily residue – which can attract nasty bacteria.

If you have dry skin, you may need to use an oil-based foundation and use coconut oil as a makeup remover. On the other hand, if you have oily skin that is prone to break out, then a water-based foundation is the one for you.

Applying face cream before the foundation

Face cream protects pores from pollution and helps to stop your facial skin from drying out. It also provides a great barrier between your skin and your makeup. This is great because most makeups contain heavy oils and minerals. Applying foundation directly to the skin means that the foundation clogs the pores of the face and doesn’t allow the skin to breathe.

Pore cleansing strip vs Black mask

Make up tips every girl should know

Some people may believe that black masks are the best at cleaning out your pores but that is not actually true. Nose strips will help with the removal of dirt from blocked pores more effectively but be careful, as they need to be ripped off rather firmly, they can also run the risk of irritating sensitive skin.

Vaseline vs Moisturizing Face Cream

Many of us may be scared of applying Vaseline to our faces due to those rumors that say it can cause pimples but in reality, Vaseline is the best way to protect your skin. When applied to the skin, Vaseline forms an impermeable film that protects the skin from dirt and germs. It is also great at keeping the skin moist and healthy.

Although the protective film over your skin can work wonders for you, be sure to clean your skin thoroughly before you apply it. If your skin is not clean, then this barrier can easily trap dirt and germs into your skin. Be sure to wash your face before applying Vaseline.
A top tip, if you are on a budget and cannot afford an expensive face cream, you can substitute it with Vaseline.

Olive oil vs cosmetic oil

Olive Oil contains useful vitamins A, D, E and K, which penetrate deeply into the skin to clean and moisturize it.

As a makeup remover, olive oil doesn’t clog the pores or cause oily buildup and pimples. Instead, it tends to attract and attach to all other oils or oil-based products already on the skin. These oils can then be wiped away which is a great help when it comes to removing eye makeup. Now you will be able to simply wash your face with soap and water.

Not only is the olive oil good for removing stubborn eye makeup without making your skin sore, but it also moisturizes the skin around the eye and reduces crow’s feet and other wrinkles. So next time you are shopping for a makeup remover containing cosmetic oil, it may be better to use olive oil instead.

Vibrant Eyeshadow Hacks

Make up tips every girl should know

If you don’t have the budget for an eyeshadow base you can always use a white eyeliner pencil instead, it will help to enhance the color of any eyeshadow. Not only will the liner help the eyeshadow stick to your eyelid better, but it will also stop it clumping in the crease of your eye.

Coconut Oil vs Makeup Remover vs Micellar Water

Micellar water is all the rage at the moment, but it can also be pretty expensive. There seems to be a much more, all-natural ingredient that can work much better when removing waterproof makeup.

Coconut oil is cheaper and exceptionally good for your skin. It moisturizes, reduces inflammation and redness and can heal wounds. It is also the most effective natural makeup remover that won’t cause any skin irritation. Additionally, it is a great moisturizer and can help to decrease wrinkles.