How to Look After Your Skin This Coming Fall

As the summer ends and we roll into Autumn over the next few days, it’s important that we pay attention to our skin routine. As we say goodbye to humid and hello to dry you will notice a change in how your skin feels and reacts to its surroundings. Board-certified dermatologist Nancy Samolitis said, “During summer, there’s often more humidity to help moisture stay in the skin and protect its barrier. In the cooler months, the air gets drier outside and inside with the operation of heaters. When the skin starts losing moisture, the barrier can get disrupted, causing increased sensitivity, dryness, and irritation.” But not to worry, we’re here to help with our tops tips on how to look after your skin this coming fall.

Sensitive Skin

For those who have sensitive skin and suffer from things such as eczema and psoriasis during the colder months, it is essential to stay hydrated and protect your skin by using creams, essentials oils, and serums. Look out for products that include collagen and elastin as these will speed up the recovery process and can help to stop it altogether. Cold-processed aloe can also work wonders.

Thicken that moisturizer

One of the best times to moisturize is at night as this is your chance to treat your skin with little interference from the outside world. Try to search for a moisturizer that doesn’t clog the skin and remember, the thicker, the better!

Lips and eyes

The colder seasons can certainly affect the sensitive areas on our faces such as our eyes and lips. Tie in your evening moisturizer with something that can be applied to the lips. Using an eye-cream with help to keep your eyelids from drying up after an oily summer.

Avoid exfoliants

Exfoliants can be our best friend in the summer months as our skin clogs with sun cream and oil while our sweat glands irritate the skin. However, this is a habit that is certainly worth giving up this fall.

And don’t forget to keep applying that SPF to your face and hands during the day.