Get Creative by Making Your Own Terrarium

Terrariums are tiny tabletop gardens or those that hang on your wall inside your home. They do not require a lot of maintenance and they are beautiful little focal points for any room. They are also really easy to make!

What you need:

Glass container
Activated Charcoal
Potting Soil
Small Plants (succulents and cacti are great)
Small gardening tools

How To Make Your Own Terrarium

Step One:

Grab your glass container and put the pebbles in the bottom completely covering it. You will want it to be about 1 ½ inch deep in pebbles. This will create the drainage part of your terrarium when you go to water it.

Step Two:

Pour a thin layer of the activated charcoal over the pebbles. This is necessary as you do not want the water to become stagnant and grow a bunch of bacteria which could harm your plants.

Step Three:

Pour in the potting soil so that it is deep enough that you can plant your plants in it. This may be about 3 inches of soil. Make sure that you have selected a container big enough for the plants you have chosen, you do not want to squeeze them in as they will not be able to grow very well. Obviously, depending on the size of the container how much soil needed will vary and how many plants you can comfortably fit inside it.

Step Four:

Choose the biggest of your plants, as this will be the main focal point of your terrarium. Dig a hole big enough so that the roots and the soil from the original container will fit within it. Then plant it and cover it with soil inside the terrarium. Next, select your remaining plants and place them around the large one. This should create a balanced look and as they grow, they will spread out and will any remaining space. If you are planting any cacti you may want to don a pair of gloves as those needles can be sharp!

Step Five:

If you want to give your terrarium more of a desert vibe you can put pebbles on top of the soil, especially if you have opted for succulents. You can also personalize it with some crystals or small garden ornaments. Now just remember to water it each fortnight and let it get some indirect sun each day. You can choose to place your terrarium on a table or put it amongst your other houseplants. Some people even like to have more than one, the options are endless!