Hilarious IKEA pictures prove that it really is the best place ever

These funny IKEA pictures prove that it really is the best place ever

Let’s face it, IKEA has completely taken the world by storm with its Scandinavian clean style appealing to so many people from all over. In houses scattered around many countries, at least one piece of furniture will be from IKEA. So we wonder, what’s the hype? Could it be because everything is much more affordable than other furniture stores? Or maybe the shopping experience? We all know that going to IKEA is probably one of the most intense experiences a person can have, in what feels like a labyrinth of aisles showcasing everything that we need, and everything that we want, but barely need. And of course, let’s not forget about the meatballs, the ice cream or perhaps a yummy brunch with some Swedish salmon? Yes, thank you! But like any other place, IKEA is full of character and humorous experiences. Here are 23 reasons why IKEA is probably one of the funniest places on earth.

Keeping Things Real

One thing that IKEA attempts to consistently do is to give people realistic expectations. When we get there, we don’t really expect to see top-notch furniture pieces or something completely out of this world. So why should we think that we’re about to get a gigantic cinnamon bun?

Well, it seems like someone might have expected it because the Swedish store made it very clear with the picture below, that it ain’t going to happen. While going to IKEA and skipping the food section might not be taken lightly by the critics, we might want to keep things real during the experience.