Head to One of These Mom Retreats

As wonderful as life can be, we all know that from time to time, we really need to take some time out from the world and our usual routines. Although you may have enjoyed that family holiday, it is possible that whilst you were arranging and managing everything during the trip, it wasn’t quite the relaxing experience you were hoping for.

But not to worry, Mom Retreats are on the rise and they are designed for you and you only! From day sessions to several nights away, you can decide. So, let’s check some of them out.

Head to one of these Mom Retreats

Mama Needs A Refill

Based at a private home in West Seattle, this retreat has been described as “a day spa for the soul”. Mama Needs A Refill specializes in day retreats and although it may not seem like enough time, you will certainly be surprised. Dedicating four or five hours to yourself entirely can truly feel much longer. Founder Jenny McGlothern says, “we have to fill our cups before we can serve others.” At $85 per session, according to those who have visited the retreat, it is worth every penny and more.

McGlothern continues, “A refill is going within, pausing, listening to your own wisdom. That can happen in a short amount of time if we allow it.” Amongst others, Mama Needs a Refill is famed for its Sack Lunch Mini-Retreats where in just 4.5 hours you will share a space with “like-minded women” and learn techniques for life, enjoy meditation and laugh, a lot! The mini-retreat promises to leave you feeling “rejuvenated, recharged and ultimately refilled”.

Head to one of these Mom Retreats

Happy Mama Retreat

Run by Penny Williams, this retreat in North Carolina has been created for women whose children have developmental or neurological disorders. Opening up the retreat once a year, around 50 to 75 moms come together and experience a total “judgment-free zone”. Speakers unite and share their wisdom on how to deal with stress and self-care as well as the rewards and challenges people face when caring for children with special needs.

The retreat covers the whole weekend and is priced at around $427-$477. All food, drink, and accommodation is included and the moms can enjoy scenic walks, massages, exciting events and again, lots of laughter. “It’s definitely worth the time and expense. You don’t have to cook, do laundry, rush to speech therapy or doctor appointments. You can just be yourself and connect with a community of women who have the same issues as your own family.”