Geologist gets revenge on neighbors who blocked driveway with boulder

Geologist gets revenge on neighbors who blocked driveway with boulder

As the saying goes “love thy neighbor” but what if they are partying college kids who constantly park in your driveway and pull drunken pranks? Well, this is what Melissa Scruggs dealt with. Instead of getting mad, she got even, and it was glorious!

Meet Melissa

Melissa, a plucky young volcanologist, lives in a quiet suburb in California where she spends her time working, studying, and writing her Ph.D. thesis.

Meet Melissa

Let’s be honest, completing a Ph.D. in volcanology can’t be easy, and the last thing she wanted to have to deal with was drunken shenanigans from her college neighbors. It so happened that a group of young undergrad college guys decided to move in right next door to Melissa.

Neighbours Gone Wild

Now, at first Melissa’s neighbors appeared to be considerate as she explained, “[I] was a little concerned at first because I assumed that they would throw big parties but they had generally been pretty considerate with noise and keeping people out of our yard.” But as her new neighbors got more comfortable, their parties got louder and bigger.

For a group of young guys living without adult supervision for the first time, they were finally free to run amuck. They could do whatever they wanted, but sadly they didn’t consider how their neighbors would feel about this. Eventually, Melissa was living in party-central, and for someone as busy as Melissa, it quickly turned into a nightmare.

Parking Problems

It wouldn’t have been so bad if Melissa and her neighbors didn’t have to share the driveway that leads to both houses. You see, ordinarily, the driveway has enough room for everyone to park their cars, but here each neighbor has to be considerate of the other. If one neighbor were to be selfish and take up more space, the other neighbor would have nowhere to park or be blocked by the cars that filled in from behind.

So, because of this, as her neighbor’s college parties got larger, parking would be in short supply, and the guests would often park right behind Melissa’s car. On “party night.” cars would fill every available spot and Melissa’s car would be blocked in until all the partygoers and guests left. To make matters worse, her neighbors would park badly and take up even more room than was necessary.

Permanent Problem

Now, being parked-in once in a while is no big deal as usually, you can ask the person to move. But being parked-in regularly by multiple drivers that are at times too impaired to move their cars can be overwhelming. To top it all off, poor Melissa had to be at work early each morning.

Permanent Problem

Can you imagine trying to leave for work in a hurry only to find out some anonymous person next door has parked you in at 7 am? Now imagine this is what happens every time you want to leave the house. It’s enough to drive you insane! Melissa’s neighbors had quickly become her least favorite people, and all of the drama was completely affecting her life.

Talking it Out

As a result of this, Melissa tried to talk to her neighbors about the parking problem. She was nice about it; she spoke calmly and was willing to listen. After the chat, her neighbors apologized and said they would make sure it never happened again, but then almost overnight, things changed. They began to park behind her intentionally.

The whole thing became a big joke to them, and that’s when the pranks started. She began finding offensive notes on her windshield, they catcalled her when she arrived home, and they even put their rubbish cans in front of her car.

On Another Note

Her chat with her neighbors had been a complete waste of time. Next, Melissa left notes asking drivers to make sure their cars where gone by 7 am on the windshields of the cars blocking her.

All she wanted was for them to not do it again in the future. She wasn’t vindictive and didn’t call the cops or have the car towed. Instead, she only wanted it to stop so that she could get on with her life and her work.

Trying to Reason With Them

When the windshield notes didn’t work, she tried asking the drivers not to park in front of her car. But this only worked if she managed to catch them as they were getting out of their cars.

I mean, is that too much to ask for from strangers who don’t live there but hog your driveway regardless? Every now and then the driver would be reasonable and move their car, but most of the time, Melissa would be blocked in when she needed to leave to get to work.

Dealing with Bullies

If you have ever had any experience with a lousy neighbor, you know that the moment you engage with them the worse it all becomes. Like dealing with a school bully, dealing with a sucky neighbor can be more trouble than it’s worth.

So, no matter what Melissa ended up doing to try solving the problem, it only made the situation worse. She was being bullied, and by standing up to her bullies, she had put a target on her back. Sadly, without knowing it, Melissa had started a war with her neighbor’s next door.

Final Act of Desperation

Aside from taking the drastic step of moving out, Melissa had tried everything she could think of, and none of it had worked. As a final act of desperation, Melissa even reached out on social media to ask for advice. While she did get lots of responses, most of the advice she got was to call the police or have the cars towed.

But after researching those options, Melissa realized that neither would actually work. Plus, she was seriously worried about going to such extremes, and she felt that doing such a thing would only anger her neighbors more and the harassment would only increase.

Wicked Games

No one’s ever heard of someone being thanked by their neighbor’s for calling the police on them, have they? Nope, it just upsets people more and increases the tension between neighbors.

Wicked Games

So, for Melissa, this option was too dangerous and would only make things far worse, and besides, by now, things had become pretty bad. The neighbors had started to place bets on who could annoy her more. Disturbing Melissa and the other neighbors on the street had become a game.

Playing Dirty

It became obvious to Melissa that this problem wasn’t going away, and she couldn’t take it anymore. Even though Melissa describes herself as a tiny lady, she alone was going to take on this house full of bullies.

Playing Dirty

This feisty lady was not going to pull any punches. But being a smart cookie, Melissa knew that if she were going to go to war with an entire frat house, she would have to play dirty.

The Final Show Down

Then the day of the final battle arrived. One Friday night, Melissa neighbors threw another of their raucous parties. Once again, a caravan of cars filled with college students infiltrated Melissa’s usually quiet street. As throngs of party-goers arrived, someone parked in front of Melissa’s car.

The thing is, Melissa had to be at work at 7:30 the next morning, and this time she couldn’t be late. So, she asked the party-goers once again to make sure the car was gone by 7 am.

False Hope

Much to her relief, the neighbor’s agreed to make sure that the car was gone by 7 am. When Melissa looked out the window the next morning, she was amazed to see that the car was gone. It looked like the random stranger who had parked there the night before had either left after the party or been kind enough to park the car on the sidewalk.

Given all the grief Melissa had gone through trying to reason with her neighbors, Melissa was amazed it had gone so smoothly. Although this amazement quickly turned to anger and despair.

The Old Switcheroo

Just before 7 am that morning, Melissa headed out towards her car. As she got closer to her car, she noticed while her neighbors had moved the car that had blocked her, there was now a massive sandstone boulder sitting in its place!

The Old Switcheroo

A boulder, right there in the driveway blocking her car! What had happened? Well, late the night before Melissa’s drunken neighbors had decided to pull another prank on her. And this little switcheroo was the last straw for Melissa.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

In the middle of the night, Melissa’s devious neighbors had quietly approached a large boulder that sat next to the fence in Melissa’s yard. They had moved the car parked behind Melissa’s truck, and quietly, a group of them rolled the boulder into its place.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Instead of being parked in a car, Melissa was now blocked in by a boulder, and there would be no way she could drive out in the morning without moving the heavy boulder.

Don’t Underestimate Her

When Melissa saw the boulder, she realized there was no way she could move it alone, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t still going to get it out of her way.

Don’t Underestimate Her

You see, while her neighbors must have thought this was a hilarious prank to get back at their ‘buzz kill neighbor,’ they didn’t know what she did for a living and how determined she was to get the better of them finally.

Best Laid Plans

Being a geologist who monitors volcanic eruptions for a living meant that no puny sandstone boulder was going to get the better of Melissa. She kept her cool in this situation. Instead of calling the cops or shouting at her neighbor’s, she came up with a devious and hilarious plan to remove the boulder while at the same time waking up her neighbors from their drunken stupors.

Finally, she was getting revenge for all the hell they had put her through.

Tools of the Trade

Wasn’t it Archimedes who said, “give me a fulcrum and a lever and I can move the world?”. Well, being that Melissa has access to heaving machinery, all she needed was a jackhammer and earplugs.

As Melissa reminisces, “[They] forgot that I am a tiny geologist who has access to a VERY loud auto-chipper at 7:30 am.” Boy, would they regret it, that auto-chipper would wake them up in no time!

Let’s Make Some Noise

This would be the perfect way to teach her neighbor’s a lesson and finally put an end to their drunken antics. With her safety glasses on and a smile on her face, Melissa turned on the auto chipper. Slowly (but very loudly) the chipper pounded at the rock. Her neighbor’s, still disoriented from being woken up by the noise, looked on at Melissa, who was fearlessly reducing the boulder to rubble. They were completely shocked and outwitted; this was the last thing they expected to see.

Let’s Make Some Noise

Luckily the city ordinances in Melissa’s city allow for this kind of noise after 7 am. So, Melissa was free to continue her work, and her neighbors could do nothing to stop her. But to be honest, the pranksters were too surprised and shocked to do anything to stop her.

Dust to Dust

When she was finished, nothing remained of the boulder but shards and dust. She then neatly swept up all the pieces and left them in a neat pile for the neighbors to see.

While it’s unlikely her neighbors appreciated being woken up at 7 am on a Saturday morning by a loud jackhammer, Melissa did warn them not to block her parking spot. And after all those times, it should have sunk in by this point; she had to “hammer the point home.”

Sharing Her Story

Mellissa made sure to take before, during, and after photos and posted the entire saga on twitter for the world to see. After tweeting pictures, Melissa’s story got a lot of online attention.

People from all over the world shared their support with her and some even shared their own ‘worst neighbor stories.’ Melissa also gained more followers on her platforms, and she has been very appreciative of all the support.

What Happened to Her Neighbors

As for her neighbor’s, when Melissa got home that night, the block was completely quiet. It was the first Saturday night in a long time where loud music couldn’t be heard from the house next door. Melissa’s boulder rolling neighbors never spoke to her again. Perhaps they were too afraid to. They had totally underestimated their neighbor and finally understood that they couldn’t just push her around. Now, whenever they cross paths, they just look away or avert their eyes. It was clear that they didn’t want to mess with her again.

They never threw huge, loud parties again. Finally, Melissa was able to get a full night’s rest; she could study in peace and never again was her car blocked in. She could come and go as she pleased and finally got to relax in her own home.

And They Lived Happily Ever After

Although her loud neighbors now looked at Melissa as if she was a “crazy person,” they never pranked her or her other neighbors again. The rubble was cleaned up and flowers planted, and everyone in the neighborhood enjoyed the much-deserved peace! Eventually, her young neighbors moved out, and the residents on the street couldn’t have been more grateful.

So, what would you have done in this situation? Moved? Gotten mad? Or gotten even.