Funny Things People Spotted on Public Transport

At one point in our lives we’ve all had to rely on public transport to get us from A to B. While most trips are routine, every once in a while, you may witness something bizarre as well as hilarious. It figures, you end up on a bus or train full of people, coming and going from all different places and so at some point, you are bound to see one or two things out of the ordinary, right? These are some of the most surprising things people have ever encountered on their journeys.

A Man and his Rabbits

Funny Things People Spotted on Public Transport

Late one night a man was spotted sitting on the bus with a bunny on his lap and one beside him. The other passengers were rather interested in the situation as it seemed that the man was crying while eating a carrot. We don’t know what exactly was going on here or why the bunnies weren’t offered any carrots, but this isn’t the first-time bunnies have ridden the city bus for free. In fact, more recently this  fare-dodging bunny was spotted travelling around London on the tube and bus. You never know, next time you hop on a bus a rabbit may be hopping on with you.

The Sith Lord

Now, we all know those people who will do anything to avoid talking to strangers on the bus and this passenger took it a step further when he donned a full Sith lord costume and boarded the bus. Imagine a hooded figure, dressed head to toe in dark robes with his face obscured sitting at the back of your bus at night. I don’t know about you, but I would be too freaked out to talk to him. Hey, you never know, maybe his ‘Sith Speeder’ was in the shop.

Krampus has a bus pass

Stepping onto a crowded bus, the last thing you expect is to come face to face with someone who is dressed as a spooky Krampus. Well if this happens to you, you might be excused for freaking out! Unfortunately for some passengers in Austria, this is a common occurrence around Christmas time. This is because some Austrian towns celebrate with a local Krampus Night parade and some of the participants arrive by public transport. We would hate to have to be the mom who has to explain to her terrified children that the man dressed a Krampus isn’t actually the real deal.

A Tweet and a Raven

Funny Things People Spotted on Public Transport

If you have ever ridden on a subway, you will know that these trains can often be as equally weird as they are wonderful. Moscow Metro passengers got quite the surprise when a woman rocking gothic fashion got onto the train with her pet Raven. To the shock of onlookers, the woman sat with her raven perched on her knee. This must have been just like a scene straight out of the movie ‘The Crow,’ because when images surfaced all over the internet, people on twitter went stark raven mad! Get it?