Travel Fashion Dos and Don’ts

When packing for a big trip it can be difficult to decide what to bring. Will you need ten summer dresses for your week-long beach vacation or five bikinis? What if it rains, should you bring a rain jacket? These are all the sorts of questions that run through your head as you stare down at your overflowing suitcase and try to picture how you’re going to dress and accessorize yourself while on your summer holiday. Here are some dos and don’ts when it comes to packing for your vacation.

Travel Fashion Dos and Don’ts

Do: Pack Light

When it comes to traveling less is more but also in terms of clothing light layers are the way to go. Think about the kinds of activities you will be doing on your vacation and pack appropriately. If you are going on safari, you will want long dresses, pants, and blouses in light colors to keep the sun out. If you are heading to the beach you will want breezy summer dresses in eye-popping colors and patterns which will pop on your Instagram stories. Above all, don’t bring more than you need.

Don’t: Bring Too Much Jewelry

Everyone has their go-to pieces when it comes to dainty necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. You may think that bringing some of your more expensive pieces is a good idea but these can actually make you a target for potential thieves. Sometimes it is better to simply bring a modest amount of jewelry unless you are going to an uber fancy resort and you have a safe deposit box to keep all of your valuables in. You can also purchase some pieces from your destination to style your outfits with to give them some local flair.

Do: Pack For The Climate

When planning your outfits you will want to make sure they are weather appropriate. Skiing trips means warm jackets and nice knitted sweaters, beach vacations call for casual wear, and hiking trips call for athletic wear. Make sure that you will be nice and toasty or cool as a cucumber depending on where you are going. The best thing to do when packing for a trip is to plan your outfits and then reassess them a couple of days before you go. That way you will truly only bring what you need and you will look your best while you are at it.