Summer Hairstyle Hacks

When that summer weather finally hit you, you probably thought you could pull out all of those cute hairstyles that look so effortless. Beachy waves, top knots, braid crowns, you name it the summer is the perfect time to try these without having to worry about putting a hat on top like in the cooler months of fall and winter. Some hairstyles are easier to achieve than others though and having your hair up and off your neck can leave you feeling a lot cooler than if you have your hair down on a hot day. Nobody wants to have stringy hair as you get all sweaty on your way out to meet friends. Give these hairstyle hacks a try to look your best!

The Double French Braided Bun

This one looks amazing and is also very easy to achieve. All you need for this one are a couple of hair elastics and some bobby pins. You will want to separate your hair into two portions as if you are going to give yourself pigtails. Once you have separated your hair select one section and french braid it, then attach an elastic around the end. Repeat this on the other side of your head. Now it is time to create that effortless bun that ties the whole look together. You will want to bring the ends of your braids together at this point and twirl them around to create one long tail then twist it into a bun and keep it in place with some strategically placed bobby pins and a hair elastic if you need some extra hold. Then you can finish it off with a spritz of hairspray to hold it in place and keep any flyaway pieces of hair stuck down.

The Braid Wrap Ponytail

Another easy hairstyle you can rock in no time is this messy braid ponytail. For this one you will want to pull your hair back leaving two inches of hair free on either side of your head at the front.

Summer Hairstyle Hacks

Attach an elastic to the back portion of hair. Then you can simply loop some of the strands that you left free around the ponytail to create a messy braid and using a clear elastic you can secure the braided section made by the two pieces underneath the ponytail. You will want to loosen the braid a bit to give it a wispy appearance and possibly curl the ends of your hair as well.