The Show That Will Fill ‘The Big Little Lies’ Hole In Your Schedule

Now that HBO’s Big Little Lies has reached its second season’s conclusion you may be wondering how you should fill that hour during your Sunday evening. With so many shows to choose from it can be hard to know what to go with but if you love food, New York City, and the lives of a diverse group of people then Sweetbitter on Starz might just be your new love.

The Show That Will Fill ‘The Big Little Lies’ Hole In Your Schedule

What Is It About?

Sweetbitter focuses on a young woman named Tess who arrives in the city with wide eyes from a small town. She hopes to make it in the Big Apple but as usual, not everything is as easy as it seems. After struggling to find a job the mercurial proprietor of an upper-class eatery decides to take a chance on her and hire her as a server. Howard sees something in her that might just make her a rising star in the restaurant industry but she will have to prove herself in order to earn her stripes. As you might imagine, the other staff is not as welcoming as they could be and affairs of the heart, visa scandals for the European employees, and many other hijinks ensue. There is something about Tess though that makes her a compelling character and perhaps it is that her wide-eyed innocence quickly changes as she realizes that not everyone is as wholesome as she is.

The Second Season

Now in its second season, Tess is no longer the wide-eyed girl from nowheresville and the reason this drama will appeal to fans of Big Little Lies is that it follows the same quiet storytelling with the work up to a big conclusion. The second season focuses on Tess’ relationships with those around her and whether or not she can actually trust her co-workers. It seems like each one has a secret that they are intent on keeping, just like our other favorite show. Tess will have to find out everyone’s secrets and decide if she’s going to hold on to them or begin to strategically share them to get ahead in the cutthroat restaurant world she has chosen to enter.

The Show That Will Fill ‘The Big Little Lies’ Hole In Your Schedule


If you’re not totally enthralled with the restaurant world than HBO’s other show Euphoria starring Zendaya might just be the wild ride you want. It follows her and her friends as they navigate the world of high school, addiction, mental illness, and everything else that is thrown their way. It’s hard to watch but ultimately a very timely look into what it means to grow up in the age of social media.

Sit back and enjoy!