The Royals And An Instagram Surprise

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex AKA Prince Harry and Meghan Markle started making headlines when they first got together a couple of years ago and have yet to stop. The media loves to follow their every move from when Meghan first got pregnant to the birth of their son baby Archie but now their focus has turned to social media. Why does the press care about what is going on on their Instagram page though? If you scroll through it you might not notice that something is different right away. It is still a carefully curated selection of photos depicting their amazing life together but there is something different.

Everyone Has Been Unfollowed

If you noticed right away that the Duke and Duchess have unfollowed everyone than a good job! This was a rather odd development which had many people speculating as to why this was done. The answer is simple though, it is for a good cause. Meghan and Prince Harry are very involved with charity work which means they unfollowed everyone to raise attention for some great causes. Usually, they follow a charity that they want to put the spotlight on each month as they know their collective royal power will get everyone to click on to that Instagram page and follow them. This month is a little bit different though, they want some help from the public and here’s why.

Force For Change

Meghan was the guest editor for the September Edition of British Vogue which meant she has been instrumental in selecting women and organizations who have been powerhouses of change. In keeping with the theme of Vogue their Instagram account is now being used to find organizations or charities that they do not know about that the public considers being a ‘Force for Change.’


Their followers were asked to provide organizations in the comment section of the post so that they could look into them and choose the fifteen that seemed to fit with the causes they are interested in supporting. The fifteen that most interest them are the ones that they will highlight in August and give some much-needed exposure to. The fifteen accounts they selected have been announced and feature a wide range of organizations working with animals, children, those with mobility issues and so many more. It is fantastic to see the continued good works that these two are doing together.