Meghan and Harry Are Moving to North America

Meghan and Harry Are Moving to North America

Over the last few months, Meghan and Harry have been adjusting to life as new parents and have shocked, not only Buckingham Palace but everyone else around the world as well with their recent confession!

The Shocking News

It came as breaking news today that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have decided to step down from the Royal family, and aim to build a life for themselves, independently. Taking to their social media account they wrote, “After many months of reflection and internal discussions, we have chosen to make a transition this year in starting to carve out a progressive new role within this institution. We intend to step back as ‘senior’ members of the Royal Family and work to become financially independent while continuing to fully support Her Majesty The Queen”! Say what?

Continuing they stated that they “plan to balance our time between the United Kingdom and North America”. So let’s take a look at all the reasons they have reached this decision.

Looking for help

Considering we’ve seen very little of the couple with their baby, it’s hard to say how well they’re coping as parents. We can only assume they’ve gotten a handle on things, although there have undoubtedly been times when they’ve felt overwhelmed.

It’s in those moments that they’ve probably wished there was someone around to help them. While they likely have nannies and other staff to serve that purpose, it’s not quite the same when the person isn’t family.

A new home

Archie’s birth came at a somewhat stressful time in Harry and Meghan’s lives. Weeks before he arrived, the couple moved into their new digs in Windsor. They set themselves up in Frogmore Cottage, a building that was remodeled from staff living quarters into a family home.

Considering the building wasn’t suitable for the pair in its original condition, it had to undergo millions of dollars worth of renovation. That was the kind of added stress the duo didn’t need at such a pivotal moment in their lives. Thankfully, things have since settled down and allowed the couple to raise their son in peace.

Back to the States

However, despite only recently moving into Frogmore Cottage, it seems Harry and Meghan are already thinking about buying a new house. Although the Windsor residence will continue to be their main base of operations, they’re reportedly looking to branch out somewhere across the pond.

A home in the States would hardly be down the road from where they live now, but the couple is apparently desperate to make the move. Given she hails from America, it’s safe to assume that Meghan has grown a little homesick since becoming a UK citizen. However, that’s not the only reason they want to skip town.

Close to grandma

In terms of moving to America, the duo isn’t looking at staying just anywhere. Harry and Meghan are supposedly interested in buying somewhere in Los Angeles, and there’s one main factor influencing that decision. The city is where Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, lives.

Having a property in LA would mean the Duchess could spend time with her mom far more often than she does now. It would also mean that the grandmother wouldn’t always have to travel across the pond just to see her grandson. We can’t imagine that she’s a massive fan of all those ten-hour flights to London.

Somebody to lean on

We’re sure that Meghan would be thrilled to be closer to her mom for several reasons. The most obvious of these is that they’d get to see each other more often. Now that Meghan is a duchess living in the UK, she rarely has the opportunity to spend time with her mother.

Being in the States – even if just temporarily – would make a considerable difference to that. It would also give the new mom someone to lean on whenever she needs help with Archie. Doris was a massive help to Meghan after the birth, and the Duchess probably misses that assistance.

Summer breaks

If Meghan and Harry do buy somewhere in LA, it won’t be their permanent residence. Apparently, it will act as somewhere that the couple can stay with Archie during the summer. Once he’s in school, they’ll be able to time their visits with his breaks.

That way, they can enjoy their time in the States without interfering with his education. Plus, given the UK isn’t known for having glorious summers, the pair wouldn’t be missing much back home either.

Convenient for work

While being near to Doria would be the main reason for buying a home Stateside, it’s not the only motivation they have. Spending more time in the US would also be more convenient for Harry, who’s working with Oprah on a series about mental health.

The cause is something the royal cares deeply about, so the more involved he is with the project, the better. Living in LA would certainly make it easier for him to do his bit.

Bringing in the donations

This series with Oprah is something that the duo is apparently eager to be a success. It will be an opportunity for Harry and Meghan to have an impact on the American market and hopefully attract some interest to their new royal foundation.

The pair recently left their last one which they’d had with William and Kate, believing it best to stand on their own feet now they’re married. They saw no reason to continue working with their siblings.

Vacation home

Should the pair find somewhere in LA, it wouldn’t be the first property they’ve had outside of Frogmore cottage. Before Archie came along, the couple spent a fair amount of time at a place in the Cotswolds.

Harry and Meghan are apparently big fans of the area, and they’d rented a property near to friends like the Beckhams. Unfortunately, after the press learned of its location and published photos of it, the couple felt inclined to move out.

Changing their minds

Before Windsor was in their sights, Harry and Meghan were residents of Kensington Palace. They lived in Nottingham Cottage, a small property that had initially served as the Prince’s bachelor pad. The home had been a reasonable size for the pair, but once the Duchess fell pregnant, it was clear they needed to move.

Initially, reports suggested they were going to take up residence in Apartment 1 on the same estate, but then the couple suddenly changed their minds.

Fights and feuds

Moving to Windsor seemed like a drastic decision for Meghan and Harry to make, especially given their position in the monarchy. Most royal business is done in London, so for the duo to move away from that raised some eyebrows. It was suggested that the pair wanted to get away from Kate.

Supposedly, she and Duchess of Sussex were embroiled in a feud. It’s unclear whether that’s true or not, although talk of a rift has certainly been everywhere.

Better off apart

Considering the couple seem desperate for privacy nowadays, it’s perhaps no longer surprising that they moved to Windsor. They certainly receive far less attention there than they would at Kensington Palace. However, that doesn’t rule out the possibility that the rumored feud forced them to move away in the first place.

Meghan and Kate came from very different backgrounds, after all, so differences of opinion were bound to happen. We could understand if these two clashed a lot.

The Queen’s intervention

We’re not entirely sure what the Queen makes of the talk about Meghan and Harry going Stateside. As the monarch, she oversees all royal business and tries to ensure everything continues running as it should.

If the couple were to live part-time in LA, it would certainly throw a spanner in the works. She wouldn’t necessarily prevent the duo from hopping across the pond, but their presence there might sometimes get in the way of their other duties.

A controversial choice

Considering how controversial Meghan and Harry’s move to Frogmore Cottage was, we’re not sure how well a relocation to LA would go down. Windsor is only an hour away from London, yet the couple being there hasn’t always been well received.

Their location puts the pair out of the loop, and it means they’re less readily available for certain responsibilities. If they were in the States, they’d have to press pause on a lot of their royal duties.

The first American

Dealing with a move to the US is something that’s relatively new to the Royal Family. The monarchy isn’t accustomed to welcoming an American, so this isn’t really an issue they’ve had to worry about before. However, given Meghan’s roots across the pond, this problem was bound to rear its head eventually.

She spent so much of her life in the States that she couldn’t stay away forever. Unfortunately, that just creates a dilemma for the Royal Family.

Out of the spotlight

Of course, the couple may well want to spend some time away from Frogmore Cottage. While Harry and Meghan have millions of fans, they haven’t always been favored by the public. No matter what the pair do, they seem to keep making mistakes and upsetting everyone around them.

A break in the States could be precisely what they need to get away from the spotlight and let the heat go down. People surely can’t be angry with them forever.

Too much money

Right now, the couple is dealing with blowback over how much money they spent refurbishing their home. £2.4 million ($2.9 million) was put into the property, and the British public isn’t happy about it. Most of that cash came from the taxpayers, leaving people feeling like their hard-earned money wasn’t put to good use.

It doesn’t help that Meghan and Harry have further aggravated the public by refusing to show off their son.

Do this, not that

The duo has also caused controversy with their reported list of dos and don’ts for neighbors. Apparently, people who live near to Frogmore cottage have been advised on certain things they can and can’t do around the royal couple.

This includes not petting their dogs or starting a conversation if they cross paths with the pair. Even if Meghan and Harry speak to them, they’re still expected to be restricted in how they interact with the couple.