Behind the scenes details from former Disney employees

Behind the scenes details from Disney employees

People from all over the world love Disneyland and millions of people head to the parks every day. An escape from reality where adults and especially children can experience a bubble in time that is filled with fun, happiness, and exhilaration. We have all sat there and drifted away to a magical land while watching a Disney movie. We all know how magical Disneyland is with its extraordinary amusement park. With a bit of insider knowledge from alledged previous employees, we can now find out what they have claimed is happening behind closed doors at the theme parks.

Secret Codes Between The Staff

Although a big part of their job is keeping the kids happy, sometimes, the employees at the park have their limits when it comes to inappropriate behavior. An employee who worked at Disney World revealed how hard it was to be around families all the time, that it taught him what not to do when it comes to raising his own children.

Secret Codes Between The Staff

Another employee revealed that they had certain codes between the employees for children who were being extremely annoying: ‘have a magical day’ is Micky mouse code for something entirely different.