Books Of The Week

As usual, we are back with our books of the week. We hope that you have been avidly reading all the books from the past few weeks and we definitely have some more thrilling adventures for the reader to embark on. This week we have some new chick lit and a memoir from an award-winning author who has immortalized her childhood growing up in Southern Africa. Each of these works offers the reader something unique and we’re sure you won’t be able to put these books down.

Ellie And The Harp Maker by Hazel Prior

This quirky and unconventional love story centers on Dan Hollis and Ellie Jacobs. Dan has led a pretty solitary existence in Exmoor where he crafts exquisite harps for his discerning clientele. Ellie is a woman caught in a loveless marriage with a husband who likes to control her every move. One day she stumbles across Dan and the magic of his harps which sets them on the path for romance but with so many obstacles in their way will it actually be a love they can sustain? The reader will have to find out and a secret may just bring this slow-burning love story to a surprising conclusion.

Books Of The Week

Love At First Like by Hannah Orenstein

This has been one of the most anticipated love stories of the summer and it does not disappoint. Eliza and Sophie Roth have been running a mildly successful jewelry shop in Brooklyn for a few years. When Eliza hears that her ex-boyfriend is now engaged she starts trying on engagement rings for fun and by accident uploads a photo to Instagram. Now all of her followers think she’s getting married which means more and more press for her little shop. All she needs is a fake significant other and she can capitalize on this lie. However, some lies have a way of getting out of control and this one certainly does but will it lead to love or possibly the end of her now successful business?

Books Of The Week

Travel Light, Move Fast by Alexandra Fuller

Fuller has cemented herself as a master storyteller, especially after the release of her childhood memoir Don’t Let’s Go To The Dogs Tonight. In her latest work, she has decided to focus on a much later period of time in her life, namely the passing of her beloved father. She delves into the perceived relationship between her parents and how he shaped who she is as a person. Like her previous memoir, there are moments that are harrowing but this is ultimately an ode to her father and how much she loved him.

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